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1. Almost back to normal after the weekend marathon of studies. Ten hours of classes a day is not something I'm likely to want to repeat any time soon (though I will, in February, when the second unit starts). It was kind of awesome, even though for the first time in my academic career I felt really lost and stupid (It was a course of Managing HR in Education, and apart from me and three other girls, all people were DOSes and headmasters and so on...). I liked it, though, and I apparently made an impression, as two of those people offered me jobs. Which I can't take as it collides with my current job(s), but hey, still counts.

2. Speaking of, got two more groups at work. Including eight-years-olds. Possibly yay, we'll see.

3. MA in English Lit starts this weekend. I already know two of my professors from the BA programme, and they are fantastic, so I'm really excited about it.

4. I think I'll do sequel to 'First Times' (Gordon/Bruce, duh) as my NaNoWriMo project... by then I should be done with 'Into Morning', as it is outlined and planned by now, all I need to do is write it. Probably not daily updates this time, considering I have to work and study, but I'll try and be swift. :D

5. Since when do I outline fics, anyway? Well, since I started writing Gordon/Bruce, apparently.

6. I might need a Gordon/Bruce layout. I'm very sorry, Giles, I still love you, but...

7. Dog ate our tv remote control. By this point, it's not even funny.

8. You know, if House spent so much time with Wilson as he does with his new PI friend, I would believe in their friendship more. And probably so would Wilson.

8. I'm kind of impressed with SPN this season - they don't make me want to throw stuff. And Castiel opens new and fun directions where it all may go, and I really hope they don't go the obvious showdown way, but give Castiel some interesting endgame, show some of the angels' politics and turf wars (the way they did with demons), and don't involve God too much, but make this a middle management issue. Also, not so much into the new Ruby, love the looks, don't care for the personality.

9. Heroes. Okay, can we finally kill a Petrelli and make him/her stay dead? *And* don't bring in new Petrellis? I'm tempted to start a drinking game. In other news, HRG and Sylar team up redefines awesome, but I still want Claude back. I loved Claude.
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