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I'm a bad Noelia... I was supposed to beta glimmergirl 's fic, but until I finished it was too late and she posted it already... (and it *is* a brilliant fic, Glimm!)

So... I don't bake a guilt cookies, but I wrote you a drabble in apology... rummaged through your info and found out you like Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon.... So I've figured you may like this:



It's always like that, almost a routine now.

He stays firmly in place, his eyes fixed on red sunset over Coruscant, looking ahead at the everchanging pattern of speeders and ships.

He listens, of course, calm voice explaining what exactly he did wrong.

He questioned his Master in Council's presence. He questioned Master's decisions. Acted rashly again.

The words flow, always the same and he answers with 'Yes, Master', and they both know it's going to happen again.

Because after the lecture, after outlining all his faults to him, Qui-Gon puts a hand on his shoulder, arm around his waist, leaning to kiss his neck.

This way he's never going to become a Jedi Knight... being a Padawan is much better...

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