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what I've learned this year...

And yes, I mean that whole two and a half day of it.

1. I should use 'who' and 'which' from time to time instead of 'that'.

2. Buffy episodes usually have 'The' in front of them. Use it.

3. Death to ellipses.

4. MS Word has a fun commentary function.

5. If there is no comment notification in your mail, refreshing the lj site won't help.

6. Naveen Andrews can sing.

7. Sitting in front of computer for ten hours straight when your mother is at home is a bad idea. Really.

8. Firefly is totally awesome. (Does anyone know where I can download the main theme? It rocks!)

9. Don't eat camembert at midnight.

10. If you have spent four hours on doing manip in photoshop *save your work* every ten minutes, or something... Or at least, don't kick the wire so you'd disconnect the computer from its power source.

Hope you will all benefit from this *L*

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