Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

an open letter to benevolent deities.

Dear TV gods,

You know I usually don't ask for much, and I am a good viewer, I watch for plot, and character development, and am not easily swayed by pretty faces and soulful eyes.

But please, please, please, grant me this one wish, and show Don Flack of CSI:NY fame without his shirt on. You are teasing me since the last season, with the wifebeater, and the raising of his shirt to show the badge, and the nicely opened top buttons of his white shirt lately, but you refuse to go all the way.

I do appreciate the gift that was Gary Sinise in a pool, I really do, but, Don Flack. Eddie Cahill. Shirtless. Can has?

Tags: csi:ny, random insanity

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