Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

rumours of my demise, and so on.

Yeah, I know. I spam your flist with everyday updates of Jim/Bruce fics, and then I drop off the face of the earth.

Apparently, after meeting the worcount, I got lazy. I have the new fic started, but I'm mostly catching up on tv shows. And introducing juana_a to Star Wars. And, believe it or not, writing my thesis for the Bath University (and starting to brainstorm my MA thesis for the other studies. That is, mostly, figuring out how can I write about Batman and/or Buffy.)

Oh, and drawing again. I almost managed to draw Christian Bale who looks like someone remotely resembling Christian Bale. Progress!

And, in other good news, paid off my credit card today, which means it's ready for permanent account sale. Yes, I am getting it only for the icons. Yes, it's crazy. But, come on, 194 icons, apparently.

Oh, also, going to be sending off Christmas cards tomorrow, so if you hadn't requested one, do so. Don't be shy, even if we've just met, I love sending cards. :)
Tags: random insanity

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