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drabble for glimmergirl, who wanted happy Buffy/Willow *g*</span>


Espresso Pump is most definitely the best place for studying. It's nice, homey, trendy, serves good coffee and is usually shock-free, well, apart from that one time with singing Giles...

It's fun, too.

Watching her lips as she explains things, staring as she chews on her pen.

Fingers caressing delicate skin under the table, foot wandering up the shapely leg, chocolatey kisses after every finished chapter.

If she had this incentive for studying in high school...

She is totally perfect. Best friend, girlfriend, tutor, all rolled into one. Delicate white skin, red hair, sparkling eyes, most adorable smile.

Buffy sighs happily, smiling widely. How lucky a girl can be?


So... does anyone else want a drabble? *L*

(No, I'm not bored. I'm activity challenged. Or something like that.)

Tags: btvs, fanfiction

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