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NaNoWriMo: The End.

Final Worcount:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
60,049 / 50,000

Fic Masterlist:

Some Mornings Are Stranger Than Others
Night Visit
Ever Since
Here Inside
Could Have Been Worse
Inside Out part two
Work Hazards
Test Drive
Solid Ground (link to tag, 8 parts)
Common Ground (link to tag, unfinished as of now)


Thank you, everyone.

Everyone who read the fics, commented, and made my day with every single comment. Everyone who hadn't read the fics, but commented on the word count posts and cheered me on. Everyone on GG, who asked how it was going, or mentioned the word count, or just cheered me on. Everyone who requested, prompted, inspired.

Everyone who wrote Bruce/Gordon fics as I was writing these, you were a source of inspiration and joy. And sometime jealousy ;D. Especially, to destinyawakened and gaudy_night, whose Bruce/Gordon NaNo projects were an additional source of motivation.

And, last but definitely not the least, to kubis, for kicking my butt to write, write, write. She watched the word count, poked me, prompted me, sometimes glared at me, and without her, I wouldn't have written half of this. And to juana_a, who cheered me on, and seemed to like everything I wrote, and you have no idea how much this helped.

I have to admit, starting this, I didn't think I would finish. And without all of you guys, I probably wouldn't.

And, of course, I'd like to thank the Academy, and...

See you next year.

And now I'll go and finish Common Ground :D. And maybe then I'll be able to finally watch some tv ;D
Tags: batman, fanfic, fic round-up, gordon/batman, nanowrimo '08, round-up

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