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1. You know, I really don't set out to ship Anthony Stewart Head's characters with whatever girl he plays a father figure to. .

I certainly didn't plan to ship Uther/Morgana, but even juana_a admits they're obvious. The last episode scene on her father's grave, when Uther goes on about friendship and counsel and how much he relies on her? I honestly thought it was like a marriage proposal, before he made that 'you're like a daughter to me' remark.

Yeah, you've tried that with Buffy, I didn't buy it then either.

And then the final embrace, with their coats billowing together? Seriously.

2. I'm not entirely sure how it happened, but I currently fancy the pants off Christian Bale. Huh. .

He's not even my type. (About twenty years too young to be my type, actually). And yet, somehow, I wound up having 18 icons featuring him, and not all are of Batman, I assure you. I even bought a calendar with his pictures (a calendar which, I might add, almost made juana_a cause a scene in Empik, when she hyperventilated and almost fell to the floor. True story.)

I have always regarded him as a decent actor but certainly not a subject of obsession. I certainly blame Juana. And the way Bale smiles. It's pretty much unfair.

3. I might have started reading Superman/Batman fics. Because I need a third Batman pairing after Bruce/Gordon and Bruce/Tony Stark.

Barbara from the comics, and the animated series, mind you, because if you're following my groundverse stories you might be getting a little bit freaked out. I am getting a little bit freaked out. By Robin, of course, I do mean Dick. And by Barbara/Bruce I mostly mean Batman Beyond. Where I also might be slightly shipping Barbara/Terry, therefore sending myself to hell for reasons different than usual, which is nice.

4. I am also spending way too much time making up casting for the next possible Batman movie, and other possible DC and Marvel ventures. .

Not in Nolanverse, of course, because I do not want Batgirl in the Nolanverse, but she would be fantastic. For Catwoman I am torn between Eliza Dushku as the obvious fan-catering casting, and Eva Green. Of course, I do not want Catwoman in the Nolanverse either.

But in broader verse, I do want Cobie Smulders as Wonderwoman.

Villain-wise, I really hope the Johnny Depp rumour will remain a rumour, I love Johnny but not as the Riddler. I've seen a Paul Bettany as the Riddler mock poster, and am intrigued.

Anyone thought of Neil Patrick Harris as a Batman villain? He would kick ass.

I can't figure out Captain America, and I'm trying like hell. Any ideas?

5. Have anyone noticed that The Bold and The Beautiful (or whatever it is really called in English, I might have screwed up the articles) has new credits? When the hell did that happen? And do they keep the Ridge guy in the fridge, or something? Because he looks exactly like he did ten years ago when I actually watched a few eps.
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