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Fic: Common Ground (8/8)

Title: Common Ground
Pairing: Gordon/Bruce
Rating: PG-13.
Word count: 1612 for this part.

A/N: Well, this was fun, hope you've enjoyed it as well. Third, and last, part of the series is in the work, once I finish all Secret Santa projects I have on my plate :)

Strange behaviour of pretty much everyone, save Biscuit, lasts for the entire week. Bruce doesn't show up until Saturday, but he calls them pretty much every day. The first time he does, on Monday, Babs smirks at the webcam and asks him how's Tahiti, and she has a smug expression Jimmy doesn't really get, but is not going to ask her and give her the satisfaction of explaining something to him.

She is way too smug any time she gets to explain something.

Dad, for his part, just rolls his eyes at the smugness, and leaves them to their chat, telling Bruce he's going to call him later, with that kind of inflection that means it's about something he doesn't want Jimmy and Babs to hear. If he thinks he's being sneaky, he has another think coming.

But that's the normal Dad behaviour, the strange Dad behaviour that continues till Saturday is that he's increasingly nervous about something whenever he talks to Jimmy. It's not that way with Babs, even though she keeps throwing him pointed looks. Jimmy considers asking them what is going on with them, but reconsiders, and concentrates on the WoW game he has going on. Much better use of his time than the family drama.

On Saturday, however, Bruce comes around with some donuts and a coffee for Dad, looking much less tan than one would expect from someone who has been to Tahiti for almost a week, but he mutters something about conference rooms and a lack of time, which causes Babs to snort. At least he brought jelly donuts, which he hands Jimmy on his way to the kitchen. And, as Dad is in the kitchen, Jimmy just takes the donuts to the living room, he might not be the one making disgusted noises every time they're making out, that's Babs' shtick, but that doesn't mean he wants to see said making out if he can avoid it.

Few minutes later, they join Babs and him in the living room, Dad sitting on the couch, and Bruce taking the arm chair, looking all too serious for Jimmy's liking. "Jimmy, can we talk to you?" Dad asks, and glances pointedly at Babs, who crosses her arms and doesn't move an inch.

Uh-oh, Jimmy thinks, nodding, and quickly going through the list of things he might have done in the last few weeks and coming up blank. Sides, it would be only Dad talking to him, not Bruce. And none of them would look nervous about it, Bruce hiding it a little bit better than Dad. "You are not breaking up, are you?" he blurts.

The twin looks of surprise on their faces are enough of an answer, but it's nice when Dad shakes his head. "Of course not."

"Good. Because you know, Robert's parents divorced last month, and he had to change schools. Which wouldn't be fun," he shrugs, and looks at Babs, who is covering her mouth with her hand, laughing silently, shoulders shaking in an effort to keep it in.

"God, you're a dork," she mutters at his look, and he would give her the finger, but he had done that once and man, Dad really didn't like that. It's quite possible Jimmy won't ever flip anyone off again, and that's ruining his street cred. If he had a street cred. "How are we even related?"

"That's exactly what I want to know every time you talk about your advanced math class," Jimmy shots back. "It doesn't get more uncool than advanced math."

"Like you are so cool," Babs snorts. Someone should tell her it's unattractive and she will never keep a boyfriend, snorting like that, but Jimmy knows his limits and he's not going to be the one.

"I'm defriending you on Facebook," he tells her instead, and she rolls her eyes.

"Are you both done?" Dad asks, his voice on the low irritation setting, and they settle down, Jimmy turning back to look between him and Bruce. "Thank you."

"So, if you're not breaking up... don't tell me you've decided to have the commitment ceremony," Jimmy groans. It's spreading, apparently, because Billy's moms had one last month, and really, it sounded like something out of a nightmare, if you believed Billy, and Billy had no imagination at all, he wouldn't be able to make this up.

"If you do, I get to be the bridesmaid," Babs says, and she's almost crying from laughter now. "And I get to pick my own dress."

"I'm the Batman," Bruce says, quietly, cutting into Babs' sentence, and for a moment Jimmy doesn't get the meaning of it.

"You're what?" he asks, and then it connects, and then his jaw might be hitting the floor. "What?" He looks from Dad, to Bruce, to Babs, and she nods at him, and doesn't look surprised at all, and he points a finger at her accusingly. "You knew." He looks at Dad. "She knew."

Dad shrugs, his mustache twitching, and it might be a smile and it might be a frown, with Dad it's sometimes hard to tell. "Yes."

"It's not fair that she knew before me," Jimmy says, a hint of whine creeping into his voice.

"She figured it out," Bruce offers, as if that made it all better, and Babs nods smugly.

"I am made of awesome," she confirms, and Jimmy thinks that's really, really not fair.

Dad and Bruce are still looking at him, and Bruce is almost smiling now, but underneath the eyeroll Dad looks worried. "Jimmy?" he asks, and Jimmy nods, then something occurs to him.

"Does that mean I get to see the car? Or, do I get to ride in the car?"

Bruce laughs, and Babs pokes Jimmy's shoulder lightly. "Bruce is going to teach me how to throw the bat shaped things."

"Oooh, these are awesome. Can I learn, too?" Jimmy asks, and Dad glares at them.

"Absolutely not."

But from the way Bruce looks at them fondly, Jimmy figures out it won't take long to convince him. This is going to be awesome.


Steve thinks he's slowly getting the hang of picking up Barbara for their dates. And it took only a few months, too, with all the charm and social skills he's supposed to possess. He would be slightly disgusted with himself, but Babs tells him the nervousness is kind of attractive, so he supposes it's alright.

At least he mostly manages not to be awed at the fact that Bruce frikin' Wayne seems to spend most of his afternoons at the Gordons' place. When he got around to asking Barbara about it, she gave him a long look, then shrugged, and said that he was good friends with her father, and the way she said 'friends' gave Steve some ideas, but her tone was also final and he wasn't going to risk it.

Zach tells him he's whipped, but Zach is dating Melissa Stewart, who hangs on his every word. Barbara cancelled their homecoming date, he's not going to take any chances.

And so, he's making effort of not asking questions, not even when he comes by one Friday, and Bruce Wayne is efficiently beating Jimmy Gordon at Halo. Besides, even if he was going to ask questions, Babs' father has a rather unsettling effect, and Steve doesn't think he sounds even half coherent under that glare. Babs seems to think that's hilarious. Easy for her to say.

"Would you like something to drink while you wait, Steve?" Mr Gordon asks him, perfectly pleasant, but Steve is not fooled in the slightest.

"No, thank you, sir."

"It might take a while," he informs Steve, and if Steve didn't know better, he would swear Mr Gordon is smiling under that mustache. "She has to try on the entire closet, and then decide that the first thing was best, it takes time."

"I've heard that," Barbara yells from wherever her bedroom is. Steve hadn't been there yet, and he thinks he might never actually be, considering how freaked out he get in this house. At least the dog seems to like him, laying his head on Steve's knees, getting fur all over his pants.

About five minutes of awkward small talk later, Babs descends down the stairs, her hair wavy in that really nice way, and Steve smiles at her. "Wow," he offers honestly, and that gets him a wide smile, and a kiss on the cheek, a first one in front of her father and Mr Wayne, and that gets Steve even more nervous. He wasn't sure getting more nervous was even possible, but it turns out to be so. He could have lived without that knowledge.

Mr Gordon is looking at them for a moment, and Steve briefly wishes the earth would open and swallow him, because that man must have practiced that look for years, and did Steve mention Commissioner Gordon must have been through thousands of interrogations? But all he says is "Have fun," and doesn't even mention the curfew. There's something wrong with the world.

"Drive safely," Mr Wayne offers, and Babs laughs for some reason.

"Good one," she mutters, and drags Steve out, her fingers tangling with his. And sure, he might be whipped, as Zach says, but frankly, it's kind of worth it.

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