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A lot of randomness...

1. Lj comment notifications. They don't work, stupid things. Really annoying... doesn't make me optimistic about this fusion thing.

2. New lost ep! Downloading! Squeeee!

3. ABH. My new crack. Does anyone else like it? I mean... Giles/Wes/me? Or, rather, Giles/me/Wes? And quite possible a desk? If that's not an otp than I don't know what is.

4. NO FINALS (sorry. Had to gloat)

5. I like making lists. Don't you?

6. Did new lost vid. Sawyer/Sayid... needs a wee bit of editing and will be posted tomorrow.

7. I need a new layout *L* Quite possibly Giles/Wes/desk one...

8. RPGs. Wanna. The problem is, either the character's I'd like to play are already taken, even in the new games, or before I get to post my ad they are taken too... Stupid time difference. :::stomps her foot::: I think I will create my own game. Is it a really bad idea for newbie to do so? Nothing much... just rewriting Angel's s5...

9. *Hugs* thingy? What is it with people? *I* do not hug people in real life all that often. But on lj it's the best way to say what you want to say without saying the words you don't know because you still suck at English and should now go to your class and not update lj, but screw this.

10. No finals. Oh, already mentioned that?

11. We'll be moving. To a house. I mean, around September, or sth, cuz we just bought the place and there's no house yet, but there will be and I'll have three freakin' rooms for myself. Wooo and hooo!

12. New coffee brand. There was no nescafe in shop so I'm drinking Davidoff... not that bad.

Thank you for reading, stay tuned for the next bit of insanity.

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