Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Hello New Year, hello No Internetz.

So, my internet provider decided to celebrate the new year by pulling the plug on my connection. Don't worry, it will be back, and it will be faster, stronger, etc. (three times faster, actually, from what they're saying, which, yay). But they're doing some work with the wires or whatnot, and basically this means a week with no net for Noelia.

So, you know, bugger.

I'll be back around Thursday, I suppose. I'm still checking my mail on my cellphone, and ya know, for those of you wanting to contact me, I do have my cellphone on lately, for a change.

Right now, I'm at a cafe, catching up on my flist :D.

Happy New Year, guys :)
Tags: random insanity

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