Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

in which Noelia has bad news and good news.

The bad: am on antibiotics again, something to do with my larynx and the fact that I'm almost physically unable to talk. Which is fun, cuz, you know, my work? Mostly talking.

And I do have to go to work tomorrow. I think I'll show my group Dr Horrible, it will take 45 minutes, and we've been doing crime topics lately so it's appropriate.

Of course, me not talking also means, well, me not talking, which is not pretty. I have to express myself otherwise, which means waving my hands like a mad person and bouncing.

Also, apparently combining my meds with coffee causes some funky side effects. Feels like being on speed, taking into account the fact that everything I know about being on speed I've learned from TV. From Wilson.

The good: CAN HAS GARY OLDMAN AUTOGRAPH. Arrived today. SO SHINY. *flails*
Tags: random insanity

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