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Randomness continues

1. WOŚP. Don't know if you guys know what it is, but... yesterday in Poland it was 13 time that we had something called... well, in rough translation that would be Grand Holiday Orchestry of Help, or something like that.... whatever the translation. The thing is, it's a big event for raising money for hospital equipment... and during that one day they managed to collect around 23 mln zl. Which considering dollar/zloty relation now is around... over 7 mln dollars. In one day. In a country as small as Poland... Good, isn't it? :::bounces::::

2. Sick, again. Caught nasty cold. Sneezing, and all. Damn it.

3. Thinking about getting me more icon space... of course, that would involve asking someone from the country the lj actually acknowledge to pay for me and sending him/her money... have yet to ponder it *g* But pictures! pretty! wanna!

4. home__again is getting started. Yay! But we need Gunn. Does anyone know a Gunn?

5. What's the deal with Veronica Mars? What the hell is it and why everyone seems to be watching that?

6. How do you pronounce 'ken'? I mean, as in I ken - I know?

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