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A lot had been said about the faulty and misogynistic premise, and yeah, in a lot of ways, it is. I don't know, maybe they'd be better off with having the Dollhouse cater only to the second kind of clients, people wanting negotiators, perfect wedding planners or perfect ninjas. Because I have no problems with watching a show about a whorehouse, but the amnesia and the imprints are making me downright uncomfortable. And I can watch a show and feel uncomfortable, sure, and I love shows that make me all thinky and engaged, but I don't want them to also try and be glamorous and exciting and fun. So, yes, there.

I'm pretty sure that all the exploitation is meant to be subverted, explained as wrong and awful, and yet I don't see that done plainly. It's a thin line, and I don't have high hopes.

That aside, I liked the second episode better than the pilot, it felt better paced and the characters were built up, and I'm just a little bit in love with Boyd (fine, more than a bit) already. Because, oh my god, trust issues, my surefire kink, hello there.

I guess we pretty much knew by now that I was going to go for Boyd/Echo, but now they throw in this and I'm giddy and bouncy because this is going to end up in a giant clusterfuck, because she trusts him completely and he's complicit in what's being done to her, and because he isn't even beginning to care, he's already way there, and do you see where I'm going? Trainwreck. It's lovely.

Also noted: I love Eliza, but I'm beginning to doubt if she's able to carry all of this, her acting seems majorly off sometimes. Amy isn't being given much to do, but she's there so I'm kind of happy, for now. I hate Topher with a strength of a thousand suns, he creeps me out. Tahmoh amuses me greatly, especially his phone conversation with Victor (who isn't a doll yet, I assume, but is going to be? Which, also, they're on the 'S' with Sierra now, and didn't get to 'V' yet, what happens when they run out of the alphabet callsigns? Do they recycle? Because naming another one Alpha is not going to be problematic at all).

Speaking of Tahmoh and problematic, though. His neighbour, girl played by Miracle Laurie. Now, I was all giddy and yay about her when she was going to play November, but they went with a different character for her, and while I love that she stayed on because she's incredibly cute, I have a problem with that. See, they had her as one of the dolls, who are basically dreams and fantasies impersonated, right? And now they have her as a slightly pathetic neighbour, with an unrequited crush on Paul. And she's the only girl on the show not in line with the fucked up Hollywood beauty standards, because she's not a size two. Yeah, that. Not cool, show.

A very random thought: I want all of Adelle's clothes. And shoes. And I want them now.

I'm still watching, because Amy, and Eliza, and Tahmoh. And because Boyd is made of awesome. But I hope it improves, and for once I'm not sorry I'm watching it downloaded and don't have the possibility of improving the ratings.
Tags: dollhouse, random insanity, tv

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