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Honestly, I'm behind on most of my tv shows (with great exceptions of CSI:NY, Lie to Me, and the Mentalist, because they rock like a rocking thing and don't disappoint me and don't make me throw things and swear something awful.

But I'm also up to date on Dollhouse, because I keep on hoping it will get better.

And you know, I think it does. Marginally, but I had less issues with this episode (other than, you know, the premise of the show), and I even laughed out loud in few places.

Finally we see more hints on Echo's burgeoning personality, done a little bit clumsily, but still. (I'm really, really amused by some posts on some comms and forums, with people going 'OMG, did Echo really shake her head at Sierra? Did they, like, communicate? Am I the only one who saw that?' Uhm, no. Because it was an anvilicious anvil.) I'm not sure whether I'm enjoying the 'Echo and her Very Special Destiny' thing they seem to go for (with Alpha sparing her, and testing her, and with all that Boyd and Claire talk of how special she is), but it's Joss' MO, so I won't grumble too much.

Speaking of Boyd and Claire, the first moment I actually enjoyed here was the 'You can call me Boyd, you know' part, which should have been concluded with 'considering all the sex we've been having'. (YES, surprisingly, I ship them. Come on, like you didn't see that one coming.)

Boyd was also incredibly fun while he was fretting over 'His Little Girl' up there on the stage. I loved that, a lot.

One thing I liked was that we didn't see another 'romantic' engagement (nice euphemism, there, arrgh). I really wished that's what they stuck to. But there was a lot of slightly uncomfortable commentary going on on fans. Joss does that, sometimes, which is kind of strange, considering his huge fanbase and fandom involvement, and I'm not all that happy about it.

Also, anvilicious parallels running about the singer, constructed personality, 'made in a lab', 'everyone's fantasy', we get it, alright?

On another note, we have a male doll in the main cast finally (I mean, we knew that before, because they spoiled us with casting notes and promos), but can we have female clients? Hiring Echo to, I don't know, be their personal assistant, wedding planner, or car race driver? Because so far even the clients hiring her for other kind of assignments than the 'romantic' ones, were presented as old time clients who had hired actives before, and it's implied that it was for sex.

Or, hey, have a guy hire a guy? Do me a favour.

Also, let's have some of those pro bono, 'altruistic' engagements that Dr Saunders mentions, and that were in the original pilot? Just give me something.

Still don't like Topher, because he creeps me out and annoys me. Although his comment about Scully!babies made me laugh, because yes, Claire/Boyd OTP.

(Is it an OTP if you ship them with other people too? IDK, the concept was always lost on me.)

I understand the thoughts behind the microscopic skirts Eliza wears, and the need to get her topless and possibly braless whenever possible, because tv shows cater to a certain demographic of young males, but I also think she should eat a sandwich, or something.

Not commenting much on Ballard, because even though I like him, his plotline begins to bore me. Have him meet Echo, for heaven's sake.
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