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Lie to me, vague spoilers up to 1x06

Is anyone else (apart from juana_a, of course) watching it? I need someone to squee with, and I need someone to tell me if I'm reading some thing right, because right now I'm not sure whether I have rose tinted glasses on or not...

I hadn't had a single moment of wanting to throw things at the screen yet, the issues that are normally triggering (they had rape in the army in the second episode for god's sake) are handled in a way I might not find perfect, but they're helluva better than most of the things I watch. And there are PoCs in supporting roles that on many other shows would be played by Caucasian actors: just in the recent episode we had Walter and his family, we had Heather, the detective, the journalists. It didn't have any kind of attention called to it, as well as it shouldn't, and yet some issues weren't glossied over when the detective mentioned different approaches to the cases of disappearances of Samantha and Heather.

The other thing I've been thinking about is, how fucked up every single relationship on the show is/is going to be. Knowing when people lie is not presented as a great gift at all.

Lightman hates liars, has learned and studied the expressions because he has issues with lies, and yet he lies to Gillian constantly. Eli practices radical honestly, and yet lies to Torres when it's about his feelings, and flat out admits it unapologetically. Torres (in a previous episode) is reluctant to go on a date because she expects problems connected to her talent, the man lying and resenting her for knowing when he does. Eli in this episode admitting he doesn't go on dates at all because of this, because soon he discovers that everybody is a lie (there's a lot of issues in him too, something pushing him towards that cheerful truthfulness that is bound to be ugly.) Lightman's divorce and his relationship with his daughter, staggering and awkward. Gillian refusing to see the lies of her husband, or ignoring them... The ensemble is majorly fucked up, and on a train bound to crash, and I love it immensely.

Also, briefly noted, I'm never going to tire of Lightman being an absolute asshole. Especially since usually he's an asshole for a reason (unlike, say, House, for whom it's a full time job), but he is still emotionally stunted and fucked up and can be an even bigger asshole to the people he cares about. It's fantastic.

In conclusion: WATCH. Tim Roth is made of sheer awesome.
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