Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

I love Thursdays.

Don't you just love Thursdays? Well, I suppose Wednesdays for those of you who get these shows on tv, and don't have to wait till the next morning... But I love Thursdays.

I love a show that doesn't forget it's history. It's the return of Marty! Marty, whom we hadn't seen since, what, second season? The show doesn't forget the characters, and it's fantastic.

(I remember being impressed and awed by the return of Aiden in s2 finale, and now I squeed as well, and I loved the work of flashbacks for those characters who had best interractions with Marty: Danny and Hawkes, it was great).

Sadly, not such a happy return for Marty, considering what the writers put him through, and further blows for Sid, whose promotion to a series regular apparently earned him an additional bonus of angst angst angst. I did still love it, though.

Stella. Oh, honey. She won't drop it now either, and I worry that it's going to blow up big time, causing a rift between her and Mac. Don't want that.

Also, hi there, Tony Amendola, ILU. Now, his scene with Stella was sheer cuteness, with the glasses, and the hair, and all, but I'll be disappointed if he doesn't come back in the story, probably in a less happy moment, where it turns out he has ties to the case. I'd hate for Stella to be disappointed by someone she trusts one more, but I can see that happening.

Briefly noted: Danny talking to Mac about Lindsay was adorable, and Danny's goofy grin makes me melt, he's going to be an awesome Dad. That is, if he stops acting like a reckless idiot. Just saying.

Drugs from dead organs, gods, EWWW. Thanks for that, show.

LOVED the episode so much! Lightman's issues are coming up to the surface, and we learn more and more about them, and I'm quite possibly in love with him right now.

The ways Gillian keeps ignoring all the signals about her husband's affair are fantastically done, in the scene with the secretary, the way she cringes and rethinks, and steps back, then her face as she talks on the phone, it's trainwreck.

And Ria, oh, Ria. I really think she's the best thing since the sliced bread (what was the best thing before sliced bread, btw?), and she's really good for Lightman, the way she keeps on challenging him and pushing him. When I see how they react to each other's body language, I get squeeful and giggly with joy. (I'm also shipping them like mad, of course, but don't want it happening on the show. Just saying.)

Best moment of the episode, when Geoffrey appears, and Lightman hugs him, Ria has that fantastic WTF? face, like "OMG Lightman has FRIENDS? What?"

Sadly underused Loker on the other case, but I loved the way they solved the conflict in the end, with the dinner at the White House.

I also want backstory fics of Lightman at Oxford, come on, someone has to be writing it. Wells of hilarity. Don't make me write it, I have Ground!verse to finish.

Briefly noted: GODS, I still want all of Gillian's clothes, but now I also want Torres' clothes. It's sad.

Can we have Emily back for an episode at least? It's high time. (Even if they recasted Kay Panabaker, whom I adore).
Tags: csi:ny, lie to me, random insanity, reactions, tv

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