Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

A week in teaching.

I'm extremely lazy post-Easer and post-insane amount of cakes my Grandma baked, so I generally do everything to not do anything. It shows at work.
This week I:
1. Introduced the adult intermediate group to How I Met Your Mother.
2. Showed the older kids the Doctor Who special and they really loved Christina, although some confusion abounded with her and the cup, because they have all been watching Merlin (also my doing, since I'm that awesome)
3. Discussed Batman and No Man's Land with the kid who has individual lessons. I tried to stop myself from explaining that the most important thing about the series is how Batman and Gordon broke up and got back together...

Hey, at least the students were entertained, and a lot of what we were doing was actually in English.
Tags: noelia is awesome, noelia needs help, random insanity, work
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