Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

For theferretgirl , I hope you like it. And hugs again....



He shouldn't check his answering machine.

The red, blinking light was never a sign of anything good, and he came to hate the mere sight of it.

He should have learn from the painful experience, and a lot of it, too.

No matter who called, no matter when, no matter about what... It always brought nothing but grief, annoyance, anger, problems... Whatever the reason, it was a herald of major disaster.

The client refused to pay, another threatened to sue them for damage, Cordelia was mad at him for no particular reason and they were apparently at the edge of bankrupcy... again.

He sighed, fast-forwarding.

"Wes? It's Angel. I... need you here."

Of course, sometimes it was good to be mistaken.

Tags: ats, fanfiction

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