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Lucky ones - prologue

Okay, this is prologue to a new fic I'm writitng... so far not posted anywhere else.

I'm going to work on this during 100 words project, and new parts will be appearing here first.


Pairing: B/G, though other pairings as well

Rating: G for this part... not sure about future, but I like smut like every other girl...

Disclaimer: Don't own them. You can sure tell cuz of the lack of B/G smoochies on the show.



Three months since they defeated the First, since all the Slayers were activated, since Sunnydale met it's fittng end in the hole in the ground.

Three months of rebuilding the shattered relationships, of finding themselves again. Three months of living the lifes they never thought they would have.

Three days since she realised that she was almost done baking and that she wanted to offer her cookies... okay, that metaphore wasn't as good as she thought. Nonetheless, she realised there was one guy she could imagine her future with, one guy that never leaved her... okay, not truth, but at least he had a good reason. Well, bad reason, but he came back, right? Okay, shortly - Giles was giving her fuzzy feelings and butterflies, and... and she wanted to be with him. Period here.

So, that's why she was sitting in his apartment for three hours trying to figure out how to tell him that. And how do you anyway tell someone you know for almost eight years that you love him? Okay, that's easy. How do you tell someone who probably loves you like a daughter that you are in love with him?

If he won't freak, then he will go all noble and gentleman-like, and he will say he appreciate her feelings, but...

Oh, crap.

"Giles, I.. I've got something to tell you" Way to go, Buffy. That surely didn't sound like an end of the world stuff.

"Actually, I've got something to tell you too" he sat next to her on the couch and she had an overwhealming feeling of deja-vous. And an overwhealming feeling of increased hotness, too. Was he always that tall? Okay, stupid question, Buffy. Was he always that sexy?

"You go first" And I will have time to rethink my speech again.

"Oh, no, you. I insist"

Was he always that stubborn? "No. You first" she put on her own resolve-face, which she practised in front of the mirror. It wasn't as good as the Pout, but still.

"Well. I wanted to tell you that I'm... I'm going to Cleveland."

She knew what that mean, but she hoped she was wrong. She had to be wrong. "Okay" she said, her voice only slightly shaking. "When you'll be coming back?"

He sighed. "I'm not going there for a visit, Buffy. I... someone needs to take charge of the New Council and..."

"And of course it's gonna be you" she nodded, her tone both angry and resigned. What was she gonna say anyway? I need you to stay cuz I want to figure out if I like you and if I want to be with you? Yeah.

"Wesley is still working with Angel, and we've lost almost all other experiences Watchers. The Council needs to be renewed, the activated Potentials localised and..."

"Yeah" she interrupted, wanting to scream 'and what about me?'

"What about you?"

She frowned at this. "What?"

"You wanted to tell me something?"

"Oh. Yep" think quick, Buffy. What can you tell him now? "I decided to go to Italy. You know Dawn was accepted to that art school she applied to, and I'll be going with her." Tell me something that will make me not go.

"That's..." Terrible "wonderfull, Buffy. You deserve rest."

"You too, Giles. You sure you want to go to Cleveland?"

"I have to"

"I get it." Fine then. Look how I care. I'm so not going to run after the plane again.

They sat on the couch for some time, sipping their tea.



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