Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

the hottest poll, part 3

RL Update first: I had a job interview and an exam today (that's why the poll comes up later than usual).
Interview was kind of awesome, since they took a recording of me talking in English, which will be sent to the bosses in Warsaw, and they'll decide if I should be hired or not. The nice lady who interviewed me said that so far, I was the best candidate she had seen, which I hope wasn't just her being nice. I really want this job, it pays about 60% more than the one I have now.
Exam was fun, but I consider all the exams fun, as I am weird :D

Now, poll. And this time, read the rules, people. We vote for two in each category. TWO.

We say goodbye to the lovely Anna Belknap. It makes me a little sad, since Melina is also out. Anna has a lovely smile, and she can technobabble with the best of them, and her experiments kick serious ass. It's all for science.

She likes to shoot things! <33

The second lady out today is America Ferrera, who makes Ugly Betty incredibly beautiful, and who is just sheer awesomeness.

Now, with the gentlemen, we say goodbye to Harrison Ford. He was Han Solo and Indiana Jones, and you don't get more iconic and awesome than that.

now, in this picture, to my greatest dismay, he kind of looks like my father. I am greatly ashamed, but unsurprised... *headdesks*

There was a tie between Tim Roth and Gary Sinise, and I could not be trusted to decide (Gary! No, Tim! No, Gary! No!), so I flipped a coin. So, it's bye bye Gary, and it makes me sad that all of the CSI:NY people are gone with this round :(

RULES: Vote for TWO women and TWO men you find LEAST attractive. All votes that don't follow the rules (TWO!) will be dismissed and it makes my life difficult, so I shall curse you and your ancestors.

This poll is closed.

vote out two women

Lena Headey
Zoe Saldana
Monica Raymund
Katie McGrath
Sarah Shahi
Morena Baccarin

vote out two men

Gary Oldman
Anthony Stewart Head
Tim Roth
Rufus Sewell
Denzel Washington
Colin Firth

In character edition.


1. Lena Headey (as Sarah Connor).

2. Zoe Saldana (as Nyota Uhura).

3. Monica Raymund (as Ria Torres).

4. Katie McGrath (as Morgana).

5. Sarah Shahi (as Det. Danni Reese).

6. Morena Baccarin (as Inara Serra).


1. Gary Oldman (as James Gordon).

2. Anthony Stewart Head (as Rupert Giles).

3. Tim Roth (as Dr. Cal Lightman).

4. Rufus Sewell (as Dr. Jacob Hood).

5. Denzel Washnigton (as Lincoln Rhyme).

6. Colin Firth (as Mr Darcy).
Tags: meme, random insanity

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