Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

taking a break from writing essays.

I spend a lot of time justifying the things I like to people. I think most of us in fandom do. Explaining that yes, there is something worthwile in shows called 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer', and no, science fiction is not all about robots and space and explosions. And I've given up on trying to explain fanfic and slash to people outside of fandom, because it's pretty much pointless and will end in people patronising me, which will lead to a bloodshed.

But sometimes I even have to justify things I watch and like to myself. I mean, there are shows and movies that are pretty much anything I should hate, from the treatment of female characters to the sheer idiocy of the plot, and yet, I kind of like them. There is this moment, where I think about a movie I've just watched and think 'yeah, so, it fails the Bechdel test something awful, and it uses every single stereotype it could find, and the hero is a douchebag, and the heroine is a cardboard cutour and not a woman, and the jokes fell so flat they should stand on the backs of elephants who stand on a turtle... and yet! shiny!'

Do you get that, too?

(randomly, where does this whole GQMF idea comes from? Yes, I know what it stands for, but where did the term originate?)
Tags: noelia needs help, random insanity, thinky thoughts
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