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For cala_jane cuz she needs cheering up now. Don't worry, your lj will be up soon.



Wesley sips the tea and listens to the sounds coming from the bathroom.

There is a loud thump. Then a word he would not repeat. Then a string of quite similar words put together in a fairly imaginative way.

Then there is a sound of breaking glass and he winces, wondering what suffered this time.

He should know better, really. Last time the damage cost him two months wages, and now he was getting fairly good wadges, courtesy of the New Council. Still, it was worth it...

The door opened and he had to remind himself the mouth look better closed. Unfortunately his jaw had other ideas where it wanted to be and currently enjoyed its visit in the basement.

"I take it you like this fucking dress?" Faith stepped in, running her hands down her hips and he gulped, nodding.

"Good. Cuz the stockings? Hell to wear," she walked up to him, her hips swaying. Too bad the effect was slightly spoiled when she almost tripped on her kitten heels. Or too good, actually, since she tripped right into his arms, then looked up at him, predatory smile on her lips. "You clean up nicely, too," she run her tongue down his jaw, her finger closing it slowly. "Though I'm glad you passed on shaving. Makes you so. damn. lickable," she stressed the words, running her hands down his chest, and then lower.

"If you continue to act like this, Faith," he begun in his best Watcher voice, though it was a tad strained. "We won't get to the restaurant on time."

She actually pouted at him, which on Faith looked more like a wicked smirk. "But I thought that was the point... dressing up, nicely, so you could rip the clothes off me..." she pretended to think. "But if you want to go to the boring restaurant and wait hours until you could get me out of that new black number..." she let her words hang in the air for the whole five seconds, thick with tension.

"Very well. Bedroom," he ordered. "After you, Miss Lehane."

She frowned at him. "You know, there was a reason why I never admitted to my name," she opened the bedroom's door. "It's good that I'm changing it soon."

"That's what I thought," he grinned down at her, his hand in her hair, his lips milimetres from hers. "The only reason you agreed to marry me is that you don't like your name."

"Knew you were smart, Mr Pryce."

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