Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

the state of Noelia, an update for the interested.

I should be studying, and therefore I am procrastinating like hell. But studying cracks me up, since I'm just now reading up on what Beckett thought of dramatic conventions, and every five minutes or so, I turn to Beckett and ask 'so, what do you think?' and he just stares at me like I'm an idiot and tries to lick my face.

(No, I have not lost my mind, my dog's name is Beckett.)

Also, seen Terminator Salvation for the third time, and I'm telling you, every damn time I like the movie less. I went from liking it a lot to being meh to disliking large parts. I should stop at three, or I'll hate it, methinks. But Kate Brewster Connor is still awesome, and I'll challenge to a duel anyone who disagrees. No, really. The duel will be in Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock, and I shall win, because apparently most of the people I know can't do the Vulcan greeting with their fingers.

Speaking of Star Trek (as I constantly am, these days), this I like more the more I see of it. Of course, I hadn't yet seen the entirety of TOS (but I'm getting there), but I just completed the movie collection (bought the one with the whales and the bus stops today). So, the moment I'm done with the exams, it's more than an ep a day, I'm going on a full Trek binge.

Apart from the English&American Drama exam, I also have the Practical English exam this week, but I don't worry all that much about this one. Contrary to what you may think reading this journal, I do speak passable English when I take a moment to worry about the grammar and stuff.

Also, for rysiaczek's statistics: kurwa.
Tags: noelia is awesome, noelia needs help, random insanity, star trek, studies, terminator

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