Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

I tend to get insane and snarky when not fed properly.

The problem with Writing being the last part of the Practical English exam is that after three hours of exams and enough caffeine, after I've skipped breakfast, I tend to get snarky and sarcastic and try and be funny, which I'm usually not. No, really, the only people I crack up are me, myself, and I.

So, I might have proclaimed that a kitchen knife is a kitchen knife until you stab someone with it (thank you, Danny Messer of CSI:NY for imparting that nugget of wisdom), and that no one outside of sermons and the right-wing blogosphere tells us how to use our beds.

I don't know why I saywrite those things.
Tags: noelia is awesome, noelia needs help, random insanity

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