Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

god bless the irish pubs.

the only working internet connection in this town.

1. Venice was as fun and beautiful as I remember, and this time, didn't stink so much. As souvenirs, bought Merlin season one and Life season one. And Pathfinder. It has shirtless Karl Urban on the cover, what's a girl to do?

2. I might be plotting another story in the groundverse. Wasn't going to, it just happened. And it might have a wedding, and it might have Dick Grayson, and generally, I'm screwed, cuz it's shaping up to be *massive*.

3. I might or may not be writing a Kirk/McCoy story based on Princess Protection Program, in which Spock is a super special agent and Kirk is a princess. IDEK, okay? Blame juana_a, as I do.

4. Nelly, I know I owe you a porn battle response, and it's almost done, but I can't porn and angst while there's so much sunshine, it lifts my spirits, damn it.

5. FINISHED (re)watching Star Trek TOS. moving on to the movies, and then TNG, I'm so excited yay.

6. Congrats to Pelle, on account of rocking and academic achievement.

7. Cody, have fun, and don't get killed, or something. I don't worry about the capture and slavery so much, because any captors would demand a refund. I say this with love ;D

8. Miss you guys. I'll catch up on the posts once I'm back (you are helluva prolific, did you know that?)

9. Out of battery, gotta go.
Tags: lists, random insanity

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