Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Art: Star Trek: various pairings.

Various stuff, some slash (Kirk/McCoy), some femslash (Gaila/Uhura), some genderbend (girl!Kirk/McCoy and girl!McCoy/Kirk), some het with a dash of new casting (Pike/Number One, McCoy/Chapel), some gen (Janice Rand)... (It's amazing, the stuff you can try and do with one good shot of Uhura's uniform...)

I also steal casting ideas from all over the place. Number One is Jennifer Garner, ever since I saw taraljc icon, girl!Kirk is Katee Sackhoff because of medie, I'm prettu sure I've seen the rest of the casting somewhere on my flist or something...

I'll crosspost tomorrow, today I'm beat. (If you have any sort of idea where one might post this, let me know ;D).

Also, feel free to do whatever with these; use the manips in your own stuff, edit, add text, play, whatever. Open source ;). Just link me the result so I can squee over it? :D

Tags: art, graphics, icons, star trek, wallpapers

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