Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Potter and other things.

Internet is being wonky, so I'm writing this post in between killing the net-less time by watching Fringe and writing my reel_startrek fic (the fic is killing me, FYI, it was supposed to be a light comedy stuff, and now McCoy is angsting and I can't stop him. HOW on Earth do I get heavy angst from a Lindsay Lohan movie rewrite, it's beyond me.)

The new Potter movie was kind of fun. I still couldn't care less about all the Horcruxes business, but I really like this universe when it's about people being snarky at each other in British accents, and Alan Rickman trying very hard not to eyeroll in the background.

He's also probably the only person in the whole damn world who can take the 'I am the Half Blood Prince' line and make it sound, well, not completely ridonkulous.

The row behind me and cala_jane was occupied by some very fun Snape!fangirls who growled and moaned happily whenever he was on screen, so that was cool. And three seats to the left from me sat a girl who explained every little thing to her friends, and was positively orgasmic for the whole ten minutes following Fenrir's appearance.

(Btw, Polish flist from Krakow, we're going to see it sometime together? Y/Y?)

Of course, following the movie, I may be back on the fanfiction bandwagon. It always goes like this. Any good Snape recs?

Also, pimp: Check out juliet42's LJ, she's doing the blogathon for Equality Now.
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