Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

the state of me.

The weather doesn't agree with me. I hate heat. I also hate cold. And rain, and snow, and sun, and any kind of weather that is not moderate and mild.

I might be doing post-graduate studies in audiovisual translation, because I'm clearly not busy enough with my regular studies, and my job. And, you know, my other job and my other studies (it doesn't count if most of my work is done by the internet, I've been told). But hey, it might stop me bitching about movie translations and dubbing, so at least some of you should be very happy with this.

In other news, I gave in and wrote stuff for st_xi_kink. And by stuff, I mean some voyeuristic porn, and right now, I'm writing a Regency AU (Oh, screw anon, I'll repost it at some point anyway, so you may as well know). I need professional psychiatric help, and possibly, more bbc costume dramas on dvd. I do not seem to have any kind of Jane Eyre adap, which is a grave mistake.

I also need to shoot things, a result of the night spent with Karl Urban, and especially Doom. Anyone in the general vaccinity of Krakow would go to the shooting range with me sometime soon? I feel like an idiot going alone, they look at me like I'm a nutjob, a sociopath, or a serial killer in training. (One out of three isn't bad). So okay, I get excited about guns and the smell of gunpowder, it doesn't mean I have emotional problems (I do, but they're unrelated).

It's that or I will stab someone with my shiny sharp sai. Or watch Electra. Which will lead to stabbing people with sai, I can promise you.

Maybe the nice men on the shooting range are onto something...
Tags: noelia needs help, random insanity

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