Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Fic: For your viewing pleasure (McCoy/Chapel, others)

Title: For your viewing pleasure.
Fandom: Trek Reboot.
Pairings: McCoy/Chapel mainly, also Chapel/Kirk, Chapel/Scotty, Chapel/Gaila, Chapel/Uhura/Spock.
A/N: Written for this prompt on st_xi_kink. Contains het, femslash, d/s, bondage, exhibitionism/voyerism, and dirty talk. Quite possibly the strongest porn I've ever written released to the general public. I might as well de-anon and own up.

That first time she’s a little bit drunk, McCoy is a little bit drunk, and Kirk is pretending to be more drunk than he has any rights to be, with his constitution and experience. Leonard breaks out the bourbon, the good one he keeps for special occasions, and once questioned, dryly mutters that it’s Kirk’s fiftieth visit to the sickbay since the mission started, and that the special occasion is someone too stupid to live actually surviving those six months.

Christine isn’t sure why she’s invited, this is usually what McCoy and the Captain do on their own, the getting shitfaced once in a while part. Maybe the fact that most of those fifty times, she had been right beside McCoy, handing him the hyposprays and listening to his neverending monologues on what an idiot the captain was. And she’s here now, perched on McCoy’s desk, drunk enough to swing her legs as she listens to James T. Kirk complain he hadn’t got a blowjob in six months.

“I’m pretty sure it would be wrong to proposition anyone of the crew who’s too impressed by me to say no,” Kirk is saying, sounding ridiculously proud of himself and depressed at the same time. “The only person not afraid to say no is Uhura, and fuck, she says no, every time.”

It’s very sad, Christine thinks sarcastically, and then realizes, after Leonard raises his glass at her, that she said it out loud.

“We sympathize with you, Jim,” McCoy deadpans. “But Christine here is not impressed by you, are you?” he waits for an inevitable eyeroll from her and nods. “See? So, Chapel, get on your knees and service the captain, if you please.”

His voice is matter-of-fact, even under his accent, brought to the surface by the booze; he sounds just like when he’s asking her for a hypospray or dermal regenerator, and her first instinct is to obey, her legs twitching before she catches herself.

She wants to laugh, and swat his shoulder, but she doesn’t, and neither does he. Kirk snorts half-drunkenly but falls silent quickly, as they all realize that McCoy wasn’t kidding, much to his own surprise.

“Is that what you want me to do?” Christine asks him seriously. Leonard has a rather filthy mouth, as anyone who was on the receiving end of one of his rants can attest, and it carries to all situations, but what a man says when he’s having his dick sucked is not always what he means.

He searches her face, as if looking for a clue to her own wishes, and then nods, schooling his expression down into a careful impassion. “I believe I told you what to do, Nurse Chapel.”

“I believe you’re both drunk,” Kirk says, trying to laugh it off, but she simply jumps off the desk and sinks to her knees, reaching to undo his pants. “Very drunk. Bones,” he starts, and groans a little when Christine grasps his cock.

“You’ve been the one complaining, Jim, so now sit back and enjoy. She’s very good,” Leonard says, and there is a fond note in his voice she likes. “God knows she gets enough practice, I’ve never met such an eager cockslut before.”

She hums her agreement around Kirk’s dick, and that’s the bit that works on the captain, his hand moves to grasp her hair, rough but not as rough as Leonard tends to be sometimes.

Kirk wasn’t joking about not getting any in a long while, she supposes, despite the ship’s grapevine matching him with various different ambassadors and natives. He won’t last long, but it doesn’t matter, she might be sucking Kirk’s cock, but her performance is all for Leonard.

Though she is a little proud, that she can reduce Kirk to incoherence, to the little noises he’s making. It’s the legendary Jim Kirk, after all; her roommate back at the Academy spent one night with him and then used to sigh dreamily whenever his name came up. Christine has to admit she did wonder, but no, she’ll choose Leonard any day.

She feels his eyes on her, the familiar prickling on the back of her neck. Leonard breathes out, and she hears him fumbling to take out his dick, stroking it leisurely. She’s wet from all this, and spreads her legs a little wider, can’t help the rocking movement of her hips. She knows it looks as if she’s asking to be fucked, and damnit, she probably is.

But she doesn’t dare to reach between her legs, no matter how much she wants some friction. Not yet, she’s not allowed to do so yet.

“She’s a real pro, isn’t she, Jim?” Leonard asks, voice low and rough. “She’s my fucking little whore and she loves it, don’t you, sweetheart? Wriggling your tight little ass like this, begging me to fill you with my dick. Want to feel two cocks inside you, don’t you?”

“Fuck, yes,” she says against against Kirk’s dick, and then lets him thrust all the way, fucking her mouth hard, until he’s coming, and she swallows and licks his softening dick until he slumps into the chair bonelessly.

“Out, Jim,” Leonard says, and for probably first time Christine ever witnesses, the captain listens to him and clears out, winking at her. “Enjoyed that?” Leonard asks her.

“Yes,” she admits, looking up at him, still on her knees.

“That’s not what a good girl should enjoy. I think you deserve to be spanked for enjoying it,” he mutters, hand still on his dick, and she knows that very soon, he’ll fuck her harder than ever before. She’s looking forward to it.


She shouldn’t be surprised that the second time features his desk as well. She’s not perched on it, she’s bent over it, legs spread almost painfully wide, but there’s the desk, and there’s her.

Of course it’s not a surprise; the CMOs desk features in many sexual fantasies of the crew. It’s even bigger than the captain’s desk, on account of how the captain is supposed to spend most of his time on the bridge (which, come to think of it, so does McCoy, but Christine is not going to be the one to point it out). It’s also spotless and empty, not a knick-knack or a datacard, everything has its place in sickbay and in McCoy’s office.

Some people fantasize of Leonard himself, some think of bending one of the nurses over it, one of the nurses who shall remain nameless confessed to Christine that she greatly wants to drag her boyfriend into the office right before the alpha shift, and then get caught there by McCoy as he comes in…

So, desk is a given. What she doesn’t expect is Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott bending her over it, on Leonard’s orders. Leonard spread her legs first, nudging them with his knee, caressing Christine’s ass for a long moment, long enough that she thought he’d fuck her right there and right then himself.

His hand in her hair, pressing her cheek against the smooth surface as he leant to whisper into her ear. “I’m going to watch you get fucked, Christine.”

His hard dick is pressing against her, and she knows he’ll do a little more than just watch, hell, she’s pretty sure he’ll get the ring seat, right in front of her face, and stroke himself where she can see him.

He pushes her skirt up, slowly, a brief and gentle caress. His breath is hot on her neck, before he traces her pulse point with his tongue. “Don’t even dare to come before I allow it,” he mutters before he withdraws. “Whenever you’re ready, Mr. Scott.”

Christine was right on the money; Leonard pulls his chair to sit in front of her, her position making sure that whenever she raises her eyes, she sees him. Scotty is rather rough with her, hands firmly on her hips, thrusting into her at, well, maybe not warp, but definitely considerable speed. Leonard takes it all in, then his eyes lock on hers, and hold, until she starts moaning, until she begs him to be allowed to come.

“Yes, come for me.” She does.

Scotty slaps McCoy’s shoulder before he leaves, just as he slaps Christine’s ass. If he ever tries it in a different context, she’ll break his arm, and she tells him that, and hears Leonard snort with amusement. Scotty nods eagerly and presses a bottle into her hand; excellent whiskey, one he must have been hiding from everyone for forever.

“Is it just me,” she drawls, glancing at Leonard, “or have I just prostituted myself for a bottle of scotch?”

Leonard starts at the same time as she does, and they end up on the floor, and he’s tracing kisses down her back, fingers finding their way between her legs.

“Next time,” he says in that tone that implies he might be joking but you’ll never know. “Next time I might have Sulu fuck you with the handle of his sword.”

She’s pretty sure it is a joke, but she’s slightly turned on anyway.


Most of the crew is on shore leave, and they’re supposed to join them in a while, but not just yet.

It’s probably the only chance for at least a while to fuck on one of the biobeds, and Christine had been asking to try on the medical restraints for a while now. It’s a good thing that she actually can separate business from pleasure, or she’d be useless on the job; as it is, she only fantasizes about those restraints when Leonard is tying her up in what was once his quarters but is slowly becoming theirs.

The wraps fit snugly around her wrists and ankles, on that pleasant edge of discomfort that will not allow her to forget about them. That’s just what she imagined, but she didn’t expect Leonard to up the game, to invite someone else once he stripped her down and tied her up.

Gaila has an extremely talented tongue, Christine has to admit. She starts on Christine’s neck, sucking and kissing her way down, spending a long time on Christine’s breasts, and making Christine moan and beg even before anyone touches her cunt.

“Leonard, please,” she repeats, over and over, much to his amusement.

“Not yet, sweetheart,” is all he says, or all she hears before Gaila pushes her finger into Christine, and hell, her fingers are even better than her tongue. “If you get any louder,” he adds in a tone of warning, but to her ears it sounds more like a promise, “I’m going to shut you up with my cock. And after I’m done, we’ll leave you here, tied up and horny.”

That’s more of a threat. She does want to come.

“I want to fuck her,” Gaila says in an almost gleeful tone. “May I fuck you, Christine?” she asks, and Christine looks at Leonard for permission.

Leonard nods slowly, reaching to brush away Christine’s hair from her forehead. “That’s what the little whore is here for,” he tells Gaila, but his gentle fingers belie the harshness in his tone. “You don’t care who fucks you, do you, as long as one of your holes is filled.”

She whimpers and rocks her hips invitingly, waiting for Gaila. Who has a big smile and an even bigger strap-on. That’s a new thing, but Christine will try it.

It’s just a little colder than she’s used to, and harder than any cock she had inside her, but it doesn’t feel bad, and once Gaila starts moving, it feels rather wonderful, Gaila seems to know just the right angle to fuck her.

“You could fuck me while I fuck her, Doctor,” Gaila offers sweetly, and Leonard takes a long moment to answer.

“That’s a kind offer, thank you,” he says, and they all know it’s a no. He spends as much time watching Christine’s face as he does watching Gaila fuck her. It feels even more amazing than the fake dick inside her.


Christine is not aware of the intense negotiations going on with Nyota until she walks on her and Leonard in his office, discussing something in hushed voices.

“Believe me, Lieutenant Uhura, I am not trying to, as you put it, hit on you,” Leonard is saying in his usual grumpy tone, and Christine almost chokes on laughter. “First, because I do not wish to have any bones broken any time soon, and second, I don’t want to step on Jim’s toes, this is his futile quest.”

Nyota laughs, and glances at Christine, acknowledging her with a smile. “Christine, you okay with that?” she gestures in the general direction of Leonard, and by the twist of her mouth Christine can tell what is going on.

“Of course,” she says simply, smiling, and hands Leonard the files she brought. “I’ll leave you to discuss the details,” she tells Nyota with a wink.

“Spock will want to watch,” she hears Nyota say firmly, and Leonard sighs long-sufferingly.

“Your boyfriend can watch, and maybe do a little more, but he sticks to my rules,” is the last Christine hears and smirks. This is bound to be entertaining, in more ways than one.

Two days later she’s on her knees in front of Nyota, licking someone’s pussy for the first time, and Spock is slowly fucking her with one of his long fingers.

Leonard doesn’t say much, which isn’t like him, just barks short commands, ordering her on all fours, telling Spock to use more fingers, because she can take it, damnit. He doesn’t let her come, not even when she gets Nyota to orgasm twice and sucks Spock off once. Leonard’s caught between being jealous and being incredibly turned on, and after Nyota and Spock leave, he drags her into the bathroom and starts the shower, washing her skin roughly, his large hands moving all over her body.

Finally, his finger presses against her ass, slick with lotion, and she knows why he had never allowed anyone else fuck her there.

He pushes her against the cold tiles, angling her to his liking. “Hands flat on the wall, honey, keep them there. Legs wider,” still barked commands, but his voice is rougher, and words are followed by his lips on her shoulder, kissing and biting as he pushes inside her slowly.

She bites her lip, struggling to accommodate him, to let him in. Her ass clenches around him as his fingers find her pussy, thumb stroking her gently, as their bodies press closer.

“I get to say who fucks you because you’re mine,” he mutters. “My whore, my good girl,” he’s close, but so is she, his fingers pushing her to the brink. “My Christine.”
Tags: chapel, fanfic, femslash, het, mccoy, mccoy/chapel, noelia needs help, porn, star trek

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