Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

TV fall schedule - because I'm just not insane and busy enough.

It's this time of the year, boys and girls, when the insanity fairy comes to visit, and I sit down and look at all the pretty shiny crazy stuff I'll be watching this year.


How I Met Your Mother - Barney <3
Big Bang Theory - Sheldon <3 (And the rest, too. But mostly: SHELDON)
Gossip Girl
House - I feel disappointed with the last season's finale, but hey, House.
Lie to Me - LIGHTMAN RULES. You should watch this.
Heroes - I'm giving them a fighting chance, mostly for the crack. And for HRG.
Castle - ETA. How could I forget about this? Castle <3

Giving a chance to:
Accidentally on purpose - the premise is skeevy, but Jenna Elfman, so I'm watching the premiere.
Trauma - oh, well, we'll see. And one of the characters is called Nancy Callahan, which cracks me up mightily.


NCIS - Duh.
NCIS LA - double duh, I'm cheap for procedurals.

Giving a chance to:
The Good Wife - It has Julianna Margulies. And is about lawyers. And has Chris Noth. And, ya know, lawyers.
Forgotten - I don't have much faith in Christian Slater-centered show after 'My Own Worst Enemy', but I'll give a fighting chance to anything involving cops.
Melrose Place - I've heard it's not bad, and it has fun cast, so we'll see.


Criminal Minds - I'm catching up, so I will be watching once I do.
CSI:NY: MY SHOW IS LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. (I am kind of excited, maybe)
Glee - It's adorable and weird and awesome.
Eastwick - the cast looks awesome and, also, witches!

Giving a chance to:
Mercy - OMG Michelle Trachtenberg yayz.


Flash Forward - I don't care if it's good, it has John Cho. And yes, an interesting premise and fun trailer, but JOHN CHO.
Mentalist - hee. I love Robin Tunney.
Bones - I do love this show.
Fringe - caught up during the holidays (damn you, JJ, and you, Leonard!) and <3. Especially Walter.

Giving a chance to:
CSI - I'm not so interested since no Grissom or Sara, but I still watch occasionally.
Vampire Diaries - crack or crack?
Community - sounds cute.
Supernatural - I was going to drop it, but there were spoilers, and... DAMN YOU.


Dollhouse - Because Amy Acker, and because the guest stars, and because it kind of got good. I'm still bitter about some things, though, don't think I'm not.

(huh, Friday is slow, eh?)

I might have missed something, but this is the working list for now. *shrugs*
Tags: noelia needs help, random insanity, tv schedule
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