Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

that meme again.

last time, possibly. I just love my icons :D

01. Comment to this entry saying 'ICONS!' and I will pick 6 of your icons.
02. Make an entry in your own journal and talk about the icons I picked!

pellamerethiel chose these:

women of the new star trek movie. Nyota Uhura, Winona Kirk, Gaila and Amanda Grayson. I love this most about the Trek fandom, they got on providing this women with voices and stories and rich backgrounds almost immediately, and also dug up TOS characters like Janice Rand and Christine Chapel and Number One and introduced them to the reboot verse. This fandom makes me so happy.

Han Solo is more awesome than you. In fact, Han Solo is more awesome than anyone in this galaxy, and the next galaxy, and all the way to the galaxy far, far away. My first movie crush, and, come on, Han Solo. <3

Claire/Whiskey from Dollhouse. Amy Acker steals the show, she's incredibly fantastic, and she's the one keeping me glued to the screen. Her body language, facial expressions, her voice and just everything... I knew she was good after the transition from Fred to Illyria, but as Claire/Whiskey she breaks my heart into tiny pieces. This quote is quintessential, along with the confession from the 2x01 episode: she knows she's a doll, but she's also Doctor Claire Sanders and she doesn't want to disappear.

Hotch cracks me up. I'm still about more than two seasons behind on CM, but I do intend to catch up as soon as possible. And Hotch is one of my favourites, even though I adore the whole team. And yes, this icon cracks me up.

Crews and Reese from Life. I can't get over that show being cancelled, it's right up there with Sarah Connor in the worst decisions ever list. I love their working relationship, and this icon sums it up perfectly. Reese is a world class champion in rolling her eyes, too.

Christian Bale. I love his expression here. It's my 'annoyed' icon, I don't use it often, but it makes me happy.

juana_a went for eight instead of six, because apparently my icons are hard to choose from. huh ;D

newly made and newly updated, Whiskey/Echo from Dollhouse, but mostly, it's Amy Acker and Eliza Dushku and they're about to kiss. It makes me happy, in my shallow place. Femslash ftw. (it's also a lot funnier when you know CSI:Washington, but there are, like, four people who do know CSI:W, so...)

It's Barbara Gordon from the Birds of Prey: former Batgirl, Jim Gordon's daughter, Oracle. My very favourite female character from comics, ever. Here with her fighting sticks, because not even being put in a wheelchair can stop Babs. <3

Oh, Ten. I have my problems with Ten, mostly because he can be a huge dick, but he also breaks my heart sometimes, just like on this icon. The concept of names and powers is something I love, and all the cryptic mentions of it on the show make me so happy.

I loved this scene in the movie! I adore Hermione, because in many ways, she's me, and this is a perfect example: she's annoyed that she's not the smartest person in the room; I get that way sometimes. I need to be hit over the head with a textbook sometimes, too. And also, her hair in the scene is fantastic.

one of my geeky icons. Insert an X-wing and this would be me. Katee is adorable and fantastic, and this is one of my most favourite icons.

Spock/Uhura from the new movie. I ship them like burning, because they're fantastic, and she's made of awesomesauce. And I love this scene partly because it makes Kirk goes 'wtf' in a splendid manner, but also because it's Spock being open and emotionally available, and yes. Also, Zoe Saldana has legs like a dream. Just saying.

♥ Sophie. Her coffee cup looks a little like the one from Coffee Heaven, my favourite Cafe of all. And her expression and pose here is priceless, that's me in the morning, and that's me when people are being stupid. In conclusion: love.

Buffy, walking alone. This icon is just amazingly pretty, I love the colouring and the ethereal quality, but I also think it says a lot about Buffy and about the series. There's that word again. She alone.
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