Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Noelia loves her job, because it is so very awesome.

Kid 1: Do we have to do this exercise?
Noelia: Yes.
Kid 2: *conspirationally* It's okay, I've got it. Miss?
Noelia: Yes, you have to do the exercise.
Kid 2: That's okay. I just wanted to ask, in which episode of Star Trek Yoda appeared?
Noelia: WHAT?
Kid 2: Was it in the new one? The one with the different actors? I remember that small green guy, was that Yoda?
Noelia: NO. It was KEENSER. Yoda is in STAR WARS.
Kid 3: What's the difference?
Noelia: Do I have to draw you the graphs again? See, Star Wars was created by George Lucas, supposedly as a part of three trilogies, the first of which, or the second of which, premiered in 1977 with New Hope. Star Trek was created by Gene Rodenberry...
Kid 2: See, we don't have to do this exercise.
Noelia: Oh.

Kid 4: Do we really always add the 's' to the third person verb in the present simple?
Noelia: No, only on the nights of full moon in the months that have an 'r' in their name.
Kid 4: Really?
Kid 5: I think I know that one. It's that sarcasm thing.
Noelia: By George, I think she's got it. *humms The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly on the Plain*
Kids: *exchange tired looks of people who had seen Noelia dance around the classroom and are worried it's coming again*
Tags: kids, noelia is awesome, noelia loves her job, noelia needs help, work
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