Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Fic: Daddy's Girl (M!girl!Kirk/M!Pike)

Title: Daddy's Girl
Pairing: girl!Kirk/Pike, Mirrorverse
Rating: NC-17, warnings: daddy!kink, possibly vague age!play, spanking, dirty talk, general fucked-up-ness as it's mirrorverse.
Written for this prompt on issenterprise kink meme.

First time Jamie meets the famous Captain Pike she’s thirteen and he visits her mother on official Starfleet business. Jamie isn’t stupid, she knows what that means, knows that messages from the Command are not relied in writing but rather carved into the skin. Her mother moves that little bit slower for days afterwards, doesn’t sit down to dinner with them.

Jamie knows all the reasons; she’s more than not stupid, she’s really fucking smart and she knows how to hack into the punishment logs. Sometimes the things she had seen chill her down to the bones, make her want to run and hide, but the end of the universe wouldn’t be far enough. Better to join them, better to be the one dispensing the punishments.

At thirteen, Jamie Kirk has a plan.

“I’d love to join Starfleet,” she says at dinner, sitting up straighter, pulling at her shirt a little. Cleavage is good, her aunt told her, a stupid old bat, who, nonetheless, has a surprising amount of power in the quadrant, all because apparently the admiralty agrees with that little statement.

“You’re too young, Jamie,” Winona says quietly, quick look over her shoulder at Pike, who’s watching Jamie with some mild curiosity, as if she was a puppy just learning her first tricks.

“I don’t care,” Jamie states matter-of-factly. She pays attention to her tone, not to come out whiny or childish, not to make that mistake. Pike’s eyes flash with interest even though his face remains impassive and she thinks: you don’t care either.

She doesn’t say it, of course, but she files the information for later, along with the lazy interest Pike shows when she stands up to gather the dishes, her school uniform skirt, already short, rising up those two crucial inches as she leans over the table. It’s good to know, knowledge is power and she’ll need all the power she can get.


“I couldn’t believe it when the bartender told me who you were,” Pike says, sprawled on the chair, watching her with amusement.

She doesn’t look her best, with split lip and something that’s bound to be a huge gash in her forehead, judging by how it hurts (and it hurts like a motherfucker), but she knows how to make things work to her advantage and she stretches on the chair, tosses her hair over her shoulder and, the final stroke, props her legs up on the table.

It’s disrespectful, sure, but it also gives Pike an excellent look up her skirt, and that’s not something to pass up on.

He looks at her for a full minute, she can tell by the number of her heartbeats, loud in her ears. Then his eyebrow rises and he laughs, shaking his head in mirth. “You should spread them for the better effect, sweetheart,” he tells her.

She considers, for a split of a second, telling him off, telling him to go fuck himself in a whole array of inventive ways. She considers taking his words for the chastisement they could be, sitting up properly and apologizing. Of course what she does is throw all the caution to the wind. It worked well so far.

Jamie spreads her legs wide, raising her hips, arching her back. Her skirt falls to pool around her hips, exposing her thighs and her panties. “That what you want, Captain?” she asks, her voice low and throaty. Taunting a Starfleet captain is quite probably the stupidest thing she had ever done, even with her track record, but to hell with it, it’s actually kind of hot.

“You’ll be trouble, Kirk, I can see that already,” he mutters, not moving a muscle. She’d take offence at how unbothered he seems to be by her display, but she’s too concentrated on waiting for him to decide on the verdict. “I’ll have to teach you to behave like a good girl should, if we are to make a Starfleet officer out of you.”

She sits up straight now, crossing her legs like a proper lady, smoothing down her skirt. Inside, she’s screaming, in fear and joy and excitement. Patronage of Christopher fucking Pike, this will not only get her into the Academy, this will get her anywhere she wants to go.

“Thank you,” she says and he leans forward, an answering smile playing somewhere deep within the steely gaze.

“Thank you what, Kirk?”

There is an obvious answer, and sure, she better practice her Sir, yes, Sirs for the Academy, but Jamie Kirk has always been a contrary bitch, she can’t help it.

“Thank you, Daddy,” she drawls, pitching her voice to a purr, head bowed, looking up coyly from beneath her lashes. It’s a taunt, and it’s already testing her bounds, but the response she gets surprises her, surprises even Pike, from the look of it.

The flash of desire is unmistakable, she had seen it before, but never from someone that powerful, and it never was reined in quite so fast, just a slight shortness of breath remaining as he speaks. “Good girl.”

Ah, she thinks, there it is, that’s who she needs to become for now. Knowing that is power and the fact that his approving tone actually succeeds in making her wet is just a pleasant bonus.


She’s a Captain’s Woman before she even is a cadet, and people either respect that, or resent the hell out of her. They all think they know exactly who she is, exactly what she is, and that’s fine, because they’re usually really fucking wrong, and it’s both damn funny and useful.

Jamie doesn’t boast of her high scores, doesn’t point out that the fact that Pike bends her over his desk every lunch hour has nothing to do with her being in the top of every class she takes. Underestimating her will be many people’s downfall, one day, and she can’t wait.

She skips classes every other day, contributing to her reputation as a Captain’s Whore who gets free pass because of whose bed she warms. Pike doesn’t approve, tells her that she could do much better, could be the star of the command track. Sure she could, but then she’d have to deal with much more assassination attempts, and she likes her free time to be free of that.

“I’m happy as long as I’m your star, Daddy,” she says sweetly, laying her head on his knee, leaning into the touch as he starts petting her hair automatically.

It’s a game for her, yes, it’s an act, but it doesn’t make it any less true, and they both know that.

“Good girl,” he mutters, fingers tangling in her hair as he pulls slightly, making her look up. “My pretty little girl.”

He’s rock hard, and she licks her lips, then leans in, nuzzling the seam of his pants with her nose, making a show of sniffing like a good puppy. It makes him laugh, and that’s a kind of power too, to have him this relaxed.

“Does my girl want to play?” he asks in a tone that could be called cheerful if Captain Christopher Pike every actually did cheerful.

“With her favourite toy,” she agrees, taking his dick out, kissing the tip. It would be a chaste kiss, placed anywhere else on his body, but it’s definitely far from chaste now. She settles between his legs, on her knees, and he brushes her hair away, still stroking it gently.

He can be gentle when he wants; he can be tender, as his fingers stroke her cheek. She’s never quite worked out if it’s an act, or if this is a part of real Chris Pike. Gentleness is not something you advertise, but it’s rarely something you can hold on to as you climb that career path.

“I think you may be my favourite toy, Jamie,” he tells her as she starts sucking his cock, her full lips wrapped around him.

She knows she is. At least, she’s a toy he didn’t yet want to break, and that’s big. And it’s not only because she gets on her knees for him, not only because she practiced enough to be a really awesome cocksucker; he could easily find a more obedient one, easily find someone who wouldn’t talk back at all and wouldn’t piss off people at the parties he takes her to.

“Harder, sweetheart, take it all in,” he mutters, his hand in her hair tightening, the gentleness melting away as he pushes his dick into her mouth. Her throat relaxes before she chokes, her hands rest on his knees as she leans in unprompted, swallowing eagerly. “That’s my little girl, that’s my pretty little slut.”

What can she say, she is. “Thank you, Daddy,” she says, licking her lips.


There are days when something up there in space goes wrong, when the ripples of an incident with some enemy force reach the earth and the admiralty has their collective knickers in a powerful twist. The agony booths are full on those days, and the chain of command turns into a chain of punishment.

Everyone fears those days, when the slightest infraction can easily be your last one, and the definition of an infraction is pretty loose on a normal day, and in those circumstances can be basically described as breathing at a wrong moment and in a wrong place.

Jamie Kirk doesn’t fear those days all that much. Sure, she had her share with the agonizer, as sometimes someone from the admiralty can’t resist making her hurt, but anyone who enlisted and didn’t expect that is too stupid to live and deserves whatever they get.

A little pain never hurt anyone. Well, yes, but.

Usually everyone just assumes she gets more than her share of punishment from Pike, who does have that bloodthirsty star captain reputation that often comes in handy. They’re not even that wrong.

“Over my knee,” he orders promptly and it’s nothing she didn’t expect. Her panties are rolled around her knees, her skirt hitched up. She wore it just for him, her old school uniform that still fits. He doesn’t mind the cadet uniforms, the short skirt provides excellent access, but there’s nothing like dressing up like a little girl to get him hot and bothered.

“Is this okay, Daddy?” she asks, positioning herself, her ass as high up in the air as she can make it. She rubs herself against him, under the pretense of shifting into a better position.

“It’ll do. Now, stop squirming like a whore, I already know what a bad girl you were, no need to add to your punishment.”

Jamie’s pretty sure she hadn’t done anything really bad lately, not more than usual, but it doesn’t matter, he’d find something. And to be honest, he doesn’t really need an excuse, although it does make the game that little bit better.

On such a day as this, after a ship had been destroyed, after hours spent with the admiralty, she knows it won’t be his hand. A paddle, maybe. Her hairbrush, although which side is always a surprise and a fairly good indicator of his mood. A belt, if he’s really pissed.

She feels the first blow, smarting against her cheeks and bites her scream down. A belt, then, which means things are really fubared, and she’ll have to find out later what, and which ship, and who. But now she just whimpers. “One, Daddy, thank you.”

Two months ago, after a shuttle carrying new recruits was blown up the moment it touched the ground, he gave her a blow for every passenger, then fucked her raw afterwards. “There are better ways to deal with competition, honey,” he told her, and she screamed herself hoarse when he brought her to her orgasm again and again. Sometimes it was difficult to guess what was a punishment and what was a reward.

“Seven, Daddy, thank you,” she says, and her eyes are wet with tears, but she’s already humping his leg.

His movements still and she can hear him putting the belt away. Then he pulls her up, and she moans as she sits up, her skin smarting furiously.

“You fucking love it, don’t you?” he asks, his tone gentle again, and he’s brushing her tears away with his thumb.

“Whatever you give me, Daddy,” she says, resting her head on his shoulder.

He kisses her roughly, taking possession of her mouth as he takes her whole body, not gentle at all, but there’s a wonder in his face that she wants to lick at and taste on her lips. Two fingers enter her without preparation but she’s drenched by now, so she just squirms and shifts to grant him better access, to let him fuck her hard.

By the time his dick thrusts into her she’s come twice, riding his fingers, whispering obscenities into his mouth.

“You’re such a wanton whore, Jamie Kirk. Good thing I’m here to take you in hand,” he mutters, biting her shoulder.

Yes, she thinks that too.


Six months before her graduation some idiot from her Tactics course calls her grades into question. There’s no way, he says, that a whore like Jamie Kirk could pass her exam that well, not even if she sucked some of Pike’s tactical genius through his dick.

“Say what you want,” she tells Pike, stroking the dick in question slowly. “That’s not a bad mental image. I’d think the disciplinary committee would be rather impressed.”

“I imagine they were, but his general idiocy overshadowed his turn of phrase, colourful as it was. Of course, there were some voices that agreed with him; you do make enemies easily, Jamie.”

“I don’t know why, I’m so very friendly,” she mutters, and sinks to her knees, opening his pants. She’s pretty sure the idiot in the agony booth has a good view of this; the setting is low enough for now that he should be able to focus his gaze and see how good of a whore Jamie actually is. Not that it has anything to do with her grades, but this little show was too good of an idea for either her or Pike to pass on.

“How does my tactical genius taste?” Pike asks conversationally and she smirks around his cock.

“Delicious, Daddy,” she mutters, pulling away for a moment. “It’s very impressive. I’ll get on all fours for you, you’ll fuck me hard, push your big dick inside me, and then I’ll have tactical genius coming out of my ass,” she smirks and startles a laugh out of him.

“Less talk, sweetheart, more sucking. You wanted to put on a show for Cadet Bradley, get to it. I want him to see what a good little cocksucker you are, such a good girl for Daddy, such a horny little whore.”

Sure, maybe it was her idea, but no one will tell her Pike isn’t enjoying it even more than she does, his voice is getting louder as he speaks, and she’s pretty sure it carries to inside the booth. But there is something she can do to make it even better, to see Bradley’s reaction.

“Daddy, would you like to fuck your little girl? I want to feel your big hard dick inside me, I want you to fuck me hard, please, Daddy.”

Pike likes to take her on all fours, her ass thrust high for him as he pushes his dick inside her hard, as he fucks her roughly, he knees scraping on the floor. She pushes back, works herself on his cock, encourages him to piston into her with all his strength, and he incoherently tells her she’s his whore, his bitch, taking it all and loving it.

He’s not wrong, but what she really loves, even more than his hard cock inside her, is the look on Bradley’s face as he watches, his eyes about to pop from pain and desire.

“That’s my good girl,” Pike says, fingers on her clit, bringing her to the edge.

She turns the agonizer up.


“How is he?” she asks McCoy, and he gives her a long, assessing look. She rather likes McCoy, from what she knows he’s a good guy, not unnecessarily cruel as some doctors tend to be, so she withstands the scrutiny and only threatens to break his arm.

“He’ll live,” McCoy shrugs, his tired tone indicating that it’s not a diagnosis he’s been giving much lately. “He needs rest first, and then months of physical therapy, but he’ll be fine.” He looks as if he wants to give Jamie a pat on the shoulder but rethinks it. Probably just as well, she didn’t really want to break his arm.

“I’ll leave you, don’t try to kill him,” McCoy says with resignation of someone knowing very well the rules of professional advancement in Starfleet. And sure, she’s now the next in succession to the Captain’s seat, so the suspicion is sound, but it’s Pike. Still, McCoy’s reproachful concern is more than she would expect from any doctor. Hell, she knows more than five doctors who would just hand her a hypo with some quickly working poison.

“When I’m captain,” she tells McCoy cheerfully, amused by the grimace she gets as he thinks she’s just about to do what he warned her not to do, “I’m keeping you.”

She’s not sure if it’s a threat or a promise, and from the look of it, neither is McCoy, but he makes good on his word and leaves her with Pike.

“Kirk?” Pike rasps, opening his eyes, his lip curling up in tired amusement. “If you do try to kill me, use some faster working poison, could you? And maybe something that gives me a good trip before I go?”

She’s not even sure why she didn’t consider doing just that. And she didn’t, not at all, the thought hadn’t entered her mind until McCoy spoke of it. She’s apparently a disgrace of the command track.

“If I ever try to kill you…” she falls quiet, considering, as she props herself up on his bed, curling against him. “I think I’d stab you. Quick and sharp, open your gut. Make myself some garters, maybe.”

“That’s my girl,” he mutters, kissing her forehead as she inches closer, wrapping herself around him, hooking her leg between his, still unmoving.


“I’ve heard the mission had been a success,” Pike says, settling into his chair more comfortably.

Jamie shrugs. “If you call burning an entire city to the ground then yes, a great success,” she turns her glass in her hands, the liquid splashing against the sides. The party in her honour is already over and she took off her shoes, curling up in one of the guest chairs.

She wonders if this is how it’s gonna be now, polite small talk and very good whiskey. She’s where she wanted, the youngest Starfleet captain, but there’s a slightly bitter taste that has nothing to do with the alcohol.

“Does it bother you? You look like you’re trying to break records in sulking,” Pike points out and she shrugs again, and then decidedly puts down her glass, standing up.

“I want you to fuck me. I want your hard dick inside me,” she says, sinking to her knees in front of him. “That’s all I’ve been able to think about through all that boring small talk, your cock in my cunt.”

Pike reaches out, fingers threading her hair. “I’ll have to wash your mouth with soap first. You kiss your mother with that mouth?”

“No, but I can suck Daddy’s dick,” she shoots back and he smiles, leaning down to kiss her forehead, then moves to open his pants, take his cock out.

“Get to it, honey.”
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