Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

NaNoWriMo '09 - the prequel post.

I'm doing it again. After an astounding success of last year (60,049 words), I've decided to attempt NaNo again, and this time, as one long story, not a bunch of fics. I'm also trying to beat my last year wordcount, and get to 70.000. We'll see.

The story will be Bruce/Gordon, because this pairing is quite easy to write in long formats. I'm also gonna attempt to rewrite a better part of Batman Begins and quite probably the entire Dark Knight. I do have a well-outlined plot, and I hope I do well.

I will probably post the story itself in chapters throughout November and December, but I'm also creating a NaNo filter for ramblings, complaints, gloating, moaning, and all other madness that is NaNo. There will be bits and pieces of the fic on it, too. Comment if you want to be on the filter, please. Your support last year, dear flist, was immense, and I think that without you guys, I wouldn't have managed :)
Tags: batman, nanowrimo '09, noelia is awesome, noelia needs help

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