Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

white collar - free fall.

1. I loved the ep. Loved, loved, loved everything about it, but especially the moment when Neal jumped out of the window and Peter stood there, watching, amused and disbeliving and smirking and then Neal's 'what can you do' gesture and then Peter still standing there because YES.

2. I hate hate hate the last scene. Because a) it's a cheap cliffhanger for the sake of cliffhangers and b) if played for the shock value and to be turned upside down next episode it's pointless and cheap and awful, and if played straight then c) ruining the half-a-season's worth of Peter's characterisation. Because his rant in the pilot about 'it's not supposed to work like that' sets him up as the good guy dragged into the world of schemes and games and maybe enjoying them a little and not always playing by the rules, but still a good guy. I love his awful ties and awful shirts and constant exasperation and if they set him up as a ring-wearing mastermind then I call foul. FOUL. Badly done, show, badly done. Fix it. Good day, sirs. I said good day!
Tags: reactions, tv, white collar

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