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A year in fic.

It's this time of the year. This year, like last year, has been quite prolific. Most of it is Batman, of course, but I also discovered the new Trek Fandom and wrote some stuff in Polish for the multifandom_pl ficathons.

Not all of my stuff is linked down here, because this has been the year when I discovered the kink memes, and honestly, I'm still not owning up to half of the stuff I've written for them. Maybe some day.

I am also not linking to the fic that has been posted to the memes under my name, but that isn't finished yet (like, for example, the McCoy/Chapel regency fic that I desperately need to finish), because this will be reposted at some point, once done. Also unlisted, various comment ficlets and small responses that I didn't repost to the journal. One day I will hunt them down, but not today.


Unexpected (link to tag) and the same fic in one piece on my website. Bruce/Gordon, NC-17. Started as a Secret Santa gift for lettered, spiralled out of control like woah. Written for the prompt of Gordon chastises Wayne for being an irresponsible playboy. It turns Bruce on.

It's not a game because there's no rules. Bruce/Harvey, written for the porn battle, prompt 'limousine'.

All the things never said. Bruce/Jim, written for a request for SWAT uniform sex. Took a totally different direction than intended. Like most of my fics tend to do...

Time will tell. Gen, technically, although it could be seen as pre-slash Harvey/Jim. I will write the continuation one day. Maybe.

What Blurs and what is clear (link to the tag) and the same fic reposted on the website in one piece. My ultimate Stephens-Bullock-Montoya fic, with Jim/Bruce as the pairing. I adore Montoya completely and want her in every fic I write (I recently checked and I did introduce her in Night Lights, my first Jim/Bruce fic actually! :D), and I'm fascinated by the cops and their relation to Batman, and so there is this fic.

At the end of the line. This has been written for an awesome request made by destinyawakened and it practically wrote itself in under two hours, while I was visiting akinnore with juana_a and they looked at me strangely while I banged it out on my laptop and kept on sending the pieces to Juana, who was sitting half a meter away from me, through IM. It was crazy and I love the outcomming fic, it's more intense than I usually write and it's great.

Grounded in Fact and Fiction link to the tag, or in one piece on the site. Fourth part in the Groundverse, and the one in which I outed Jim and Bruce. It was a great fun to write, I adore this verse (yes, I know, working on Losing Ground, Gaining Ground, it should appear sometime soon XD) and I just love, love writing Barbara.

The Space Between as a tag amd as a single link. brushed_velvet said this: Fics set after TDK usually have Barbara leaving Jim with Jim staying in Gotham to do his duty but what if Jim decided to leave too? How would Bruce/Batman feel/react? And what would happen when Jim decided to return to Gotham either with or without his family beside him?. and another epic spiralled out of control. So many things surprised me about this fic, and it turned out that I can't either write angst that lasts more than three, four paragraphs, or make my characters to anything I want them to, especially not Jim and Bruce, because for all their fucked-upness in the head, they'll find a way to make things work between them. It's awesome.

Losing Ground, Gaining Ground, the newest story in Groundverse that I really need to finish. So sorry if you're waiting, I've been distracted by the shiny.

Both Sides Now. Jim/Bruce, rewrite of both Begins and TDK, my NaNoWriMo fic which, at about 55.000 words is maybe half finished... Expect next installment after New Year, hopefully :)

Star Trek

Falling is like this. Girl!McCoy/Kirk. I have an unprecedented love for genderbend in this fandom, dunno why. Oh, wait, probably because there's been only one notable woman that survived the entire movie (and she was awesome, but, one), and because I am fascinated by the dynamics of a genderbend, what would change, what wouldn't? And also, McCoy is hot, but girl!McCoy is... well, also hot :D.

You get what you ask for, Girl!McCoy/Kirk, part II.

You'll just do it all again, Girl!McCoy/Kirk, part III.

Storms taught me to fly, Girl!McCoy/Kirk, part IV.

For your viewing pleasure. McCoy/Chapel, plus various pairings and threesomes, and, well, PWP. And consider that this is the type of a kink meme fic I own up to. There's a lot worse out there that I don't XD

Chances Are McCoy/Kirk AU, with side Spock/Uhura and kind of a kidfic. I also remixed a Lindsay Lohan movie with Star Trek characters. So what. It was AWESOME.

Five Weddings where Jim took McCoy as his date. Title says it all. Written for space_married because oh my god they so are...

Daddy's Girl Mirror!verse Girl!Kirk/Pike. Porn that grew a plot and spawned a sequel (working on it, will post at some point, so far a few parts are on the issenterprise kink meme. Utter filth, yes, but I kind of liked writing the dynamics of power here, and they grow more interesting in the sequel, too, when Jamie is Captain...


All your time waiting. Giles/Wesley, post-Chosen, written for bethynyc in the maleslashminis Wesley round. I miss that comm, can't wait till it starts again :D

A storm in a broken teacup.. A SPN crossover with Giles and Castiel. I always thought Castiel would fit in the Jossverse quite well, and who else to pair him with than Giles? (not a pairing, mind you, but maybe one day I'll write that one too). I love Giles' attitude here, he wrote himself so I can't take credit, but still.

To sleep, perchance to dream. post-Chosen, Slayers, dreams, and deaths.

Saved in Translation (Translating Rupert Giles from English into the language they speak in, you know, England).. What it says on the tin. It's no secret that I adore Giles, and this fic is about my Giles, the one in my head.


Uther's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Merlin. Crack. Utter (and Uther) and complete crack, in which Uther is turned into a kitten and doesn't like it one bit. I don't think I have anything to say for myself, I wasn't even on any drugs...

Twists and turns. This is sort of incorporating the legends into the show, which is harder and easier than you think at the same time. There might be more of this type of fic sometime soon, as I become more and more obsessed with the legends because of my MA thesis.

Good Omens

Not Nice and Probably Not Very Accurate, crossover with SPN, because I'd die to hear what Aziraphale and Crowley have to say about all that stupid apocalypse business.


Between you, me, and a coffee cup. Christian Bale/Natalie Portman, created out of an insane string of discussions with juana_a. Of course, nothing but lies and damn lies. And also, my first ever RPF.

New Wolrd

Old as time, Galatea. Rebecca/John Rolfe. I of course watched everything Christian Bale because of Batman, and this was the effect. I still have a 3:10 to Yuma fic that I want to write. Maybe one day.


Five times the Leverage Crew was not in Gotham, no, really, they weren't, no.. Crossover with Batman. Because well, wouldn't that be awesome? Also, it's a very distinctive style.

White Collar

Gravity. pre-OT3, post-Free Fall, WIP. This show is my new love, I believe it's written for me, everything about it is, so it's only fair I write some fic in return, right?

Polish Fics

Burza w Pękniętej filiżance. Giles, Castiel, Buffy/SPN crossover.

Uthera Paskudny, Okropny, Zły, Wcale Nie Dobry Dzień. Merlin, Uther zamieniony w kotka, CRACK.

Umrzec, zasnac, taki koniec bylby zbawieniem. Buffy, Slayerki.

Punkt wspolny, Londyn, Anglia Giles, Fred. Wishverse, Pylea.

Zakręty na drodze. Merlin, ensemble, legendy.

Mostowa robota. Leverage, ensemble.

Miedzy slowami. Lie to Me, ensemble, Ria Torres.

Ocalone w Tłumaczeniu (czyli, Tłumacząc Ruperta Gilesa z Angielskiego na Język, Którym Mówią w Tej, No, Anglii) Giles, gen.

... Merlin, na WWF.

Postapokaliptyczny paradygmat kohabitacyjny. Big Bang Theory, ensemble, sladowe Sheldon/Penny.

W oderwaniu (czyli siedem przypowieści o poczuciu winy). CSI:NY, Ensemble, Stella.

Wyspy Szczęsliwe. Merlin, Ensemble, zapetlenie czasu, legendy, niekonczaca sie opowiesc.

5 rzeczy nie należących do obowiązków Donny Moss. West Wing, Donna, Josh, moze Josh/Donna.

Przesady, Nu!Star Trek, ensemble, odniesienia do starego fandomu, gen, multi-pairing.

Konsekwencje Batman, Jim Gordon, Stephens, Montoya, gen.

Cieplo/zimno. BSG, Lee, Kara, Lee/Kara.

To trochę jak Kapitan Kirk i Khan, ale w lepszych ciuchach.. White Collar/Leverage crossover, ensemble, gen.

Nie twoje zwykłe Dynamiczne Duo. Batman/Iron Man crossover, Bruce, Tony, Pepper, gen.

47 fics, much less than last year (when it was 71), but, on the whole, much more words written... counting everything I wrote this year, together with WIPs and comment fics: 338,719 words. Which actually beats my unrealistic goal of 300.000 words. HUH.
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