Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

books and movies and candies, oh my!

1. I got a belated (probably due to the Polish post being a damn nuissance) package from Secret Santa, filled with books and candies. Whoever you are, thank you so much, I love them! Especially LMM, I absolutely love Jane of Lantern Hill, and the other two novels are also brill, and there are others that I can't wait to read and just, thank you! ♥


2.1. Boy, you weren't kidding about the slash, eh?

2.2. I would watch a movie called Irene Adler, International Woman of Mystery.

2.3. Mary is fantastic! I love Kelly Reilly, and I loved her here so much!

2.4. I ship all the variations of the OT4 now, although I'll give candies to anyone who writes me Mary/Irene.

2.5. When did I start fancying Jude Law? It's the mustache, I'm sure, reminds me of Gordon.

2.6. Aww, Lestrade. I actually liked it when he punched Holmes, quite a lot.
Tags: awesome, movies, sherlock holmes

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