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Vid recs list, part one.

This has been long time in the making, and it's going to be pretty long itself.

I have been intrigued with vids since the beginning of my fandom existence. I made some (they were mediocre) and I watched a lot, and I have fallen in love with the medium, just as I have fallen in love with fanfics. Vids, like any other form of fandom expression, can be shippy or thinky or awesome or cute or beautiful or heartbreaking. Sometimes they can be all of those things at once.

There's no rhyme or reason to this list. I have thought about making headers and categories, but the genres criss-cross and play with me, and a shippy vid is a meta vid is a 'fandom is awesome' vid is a tribute to women vid is a recclaiming the gaze vid. So, randomly, but probably in a rough order of the filenames in my folder ;):

2 atoms in a molecule by zoetrope. 2 atoms in a molecule (or Why John Sheppard is an Emotional Simpleton). SG:Atlantis, John/Rodney ship vid. Incredibly creative, great use of effects. It's adorable and brilliant and sums up the ship very, very well.

Me and My 424 by some_stars. Dark Angel. Logan Cale character study and Logan/Max. A great, complex character study, excellently edited and fitting.

10000 Nights of Thunder by mamoru22. Merlin, Merlin/Arthur. It's just like the show: cute and adorable and awesome. It underlines all the on-screen slashiness and then some.

A Flower by curriejean. Torchwood, Toshiko Sato. This vid will break your heart. It highlights Tosh at her best and her worst and her best again.

A lieutenant colonel is being beaten by thingswithwings. SG:Atlantis, John Sheppard. Who spends a lot of time on his knees. This vid makes me seriously worry about the show's creators...

Love, Etc by rhoboat. Ashes to Ashes, Gene/Alex. A2A makes for most visually stunning vids, honestly, the show's core material is jaw-droppingly gorgeous in the first place, and in the hands of a talented vidder? Just absolutely stunning.

Alice in Wonderland by absolutedestiny. Labyrinth, the story of Alice. I love the juxtaposing of sources and I love the movie, and this is just ingenous and fun.

I Enjoy Being A Girl by absolutedestiny. Alias, Buffy, BSG, Firefly, Veronica Mars. Sidney, Buffy, Kara, Zoe, Veronica. The vid for kick-ass females, set to a very girly music about eyelashes and talking on the phone. Incredibly brilliant.

Rodeohead by absolutedestiny. Firefly, Serenity. It's the Big Damn Vid, and it makes me miss this show so, so much. It's brilliant, excellently paced, and just filled with love for that little show that has been. Has been awesome.

Acceptable in the Eighties by boom_queen. Multifandom eighties movies extravaganza. Made with love and affection and bemusement and it is just a wonderful tribute to a fantastic decade of movies. And clothes and hairdos, god, the hairdos.

AEIOU by giandujakiss. Vampire Diaries, Stefan/Elena, in a way. It's absolutely fantastic and makes me want to dance, and also, it's Elena fucking Gilbert being her awesome self.

Ain't no reason by thandie. Starsky & Hutch. It's a recruiter vid, and an excellent one - it makes me not only want to watch the show, it makes me want to love the show, and love both of them. A fantastic tribute to a great relationship.

All these things by zimshan. Obama Movement. Yes, it's a political fanvid, deal with it, because it's awesome.

All that I am by lithiumdoll. SPN, the Winchesters, angst like all hell. It's an incredibly well done vid, and it makes me wish I still was as in love with the show as I was in s1 and s2.

Angel with an Attitude by charmax. Pushing Daisies, Chuck character study. Charmax can do no wrong, her vids are a study in awesome and this one is just so fun and cool and crazy and adorable. Just like the show.

Apple Candy by gigglemonster. Chuck, Chuck/Sarah/Bryce. If you watch this vid and your heart doesn't break and you don't love them so much it hurts... then your heart is made of stone. Stone, I tell you. A perfect showcase of an incredibly complex relationship.

Cuz I Can by arefadedaway. Iron Man, Tony Stark. He's a rock star and he's a walking disaster. It's just... Tony. In a nutshell.

One Girl Revolution by arefadedaway. Multifandom. It's one of my favourite type of vids: showcasing how awesome are the women of our fandoms. It's also a great guess-the-fandom game (this one has 89 different fandoms XD).

Don't Stop Believing by arefadedaway. Star Trek XI. It's Star Trek set to the Glee version of that Journey song. How can this not be awesome?

The Prince Your Man Could Smell Like by mpoetess. Merlin, Arthur. It's a reworking of an Old Spice Commercial that makes me giggle in fits every damn time. He's on a horse.

Bathwater by china_shop. White Collar, Mozzie, Neal, or Mozzie/Neal. The framing and the pace and the slightly crazy white setting are all fantastic, but mostly it just conveys the sheer awesomeness that is Mozzie, and also shows that no one is immune to Neal Caffrey charm. No one, really. Hopeless battle.

The story of Bonnie and Clyde by jagwriter78. It's multifandom except it's not and it's constructed reality except it's not. It's the story of Bonnie and Clyde. The editing is seamless, despite dealing with different sources, and I absolutely love the retro title cards.

Believe by roxybisquaint. Sarah Connor Chronicles, Derek/Sara. For a shippy vid it's rather depressing, yeah, but it's fantastically edited and there's some awesome parallels between Sarah and Derek that the show gices as and that this vid points out wonderfully.

Bet On It by shati. Newsies. To a Zac Efron High School Musical song. And it works, damnit, it works so damn perfectly I cackled with glee and danced to it. Christian Bale sequence in the middle is inspired. This is your future Batman, keep that in mind.

Between the bars by kiki_miserychic. Merlin, Merlin/Arthur. Using clips from other Arthurian sources it paints a haunting, amazing portrayal of Merlin and Arthur that leaves me stunned and in love.

Canadian Actor Bingo by barkley. Because we all play that game.

Sugarcane by bop_radar. Dexter, Debra Morgan. It's infused with incredible love for the character, and if you love Debra you won't regret watching this, even if it doesn't pull any emotional punchlines. Just brilliant.

I Kissed a Girl by bop_radar. Smallville, Clark Kent/GIRLS, Clark Kent/Lex. An incredibly fun vid, laugh-out-loud hilarious throughout. And also, turning exhibition faux-lesbianism into poking at heteronormativity. Never a bad thing.

Meddle by bop_radar. Vampire Diaries, Vicky. Poor Vicky, she has been dealt a bad hand. This vid is a tribute to her that's both fun and heartbreaking. Incredibly well played.

The Boy feels strange by china_shop. White Collar, Neal/Peter. For me, this is the Neal/Peter vid. Gorgeously edited, amazing song choice, just fantastic.

So What'cha Want by bradcpu. House, season 4 overview. This is just fantastic. The editing is extraordinary, and I love how this shows the season 4, from the wide focus to the Amber/Wilson/House story. Incredible.

Thriller by buffyann. Buffy, Supernatural. A celebration of horror and dancing and monsters, edited seamlessly and blending the two sources perfectly.

Starlight by buffyann. Multifandom, dance movies. I can't get over the awesomeness of this, blending the sources together with awesome editing and fast-paced cuts that give their due to both the song and the dance routines. So good.

Bukowski by astolat. House, House/Wilson. The song choice is nothing short of absolutely fucking brilliant, and then this vid does you one better by choosing perfect clips and editing them seamlessly. Just, wow.

Candleburn by charmax. Firefly, Mal/Inara. This vid is just so amazingly beautiful it leaves me speechless on each rewatch. And believe me, I rewatch it a lot. It's heartbreaking and wonderful.

Candymen 2.0 by jagwriter78. Multifandom. (Be sure to check 1.0 too). A celebration of HOT men of our fandoms.

Can't Keep a Good Woman Down by kattahj. Multifandom. A celebration of women who "may no longer be young, but are more awesome than ever". It's just so amazingly made of utter WIN.

Care to Stay by tearful_eye. Multifandom. Themes of depression and suicide. Heartbreaking, painful, and powerful.

Channel Hopping by Ash48. Supernatural. Better than the actual episode based on the similar premise... and this has been made in 2008.

Chicago by talitha78. Smallville, s6 ensemble + Clark/Oliver. It's a fantastic season 6 overview. It's just stunning, honestly.

Clear the area by astartexx. X-Files, Scully pov. Scully is awesme, you should know that. And this vid is beautiful, excellently edited and superbly woven together.

Colours by la_esmeralda_. Merlin, Morgana. It's enchanting and gorgeous and tragic. And I put this on when I need to remember why my MA thesis is a love letter to Morgana.

Comfortably Numb by sisabet. Sarah Connor Chronicles, Cameron. It's beyond stunning, and it's beyond fantastic. I can't get over this vid, it's just amazingly complicated, with layers of meaning beneath the lyrics and the cuts and the editing. It's just excruciatingly beautiful.

Consequence by synecdochic. Farscape, John/Aeryn. I kind of hate that synecdochic is both a fantastic writer and an amazing vidder, but I'm glad this is what she shares with us. John/Aeryn and why I love them.

God is a DJ, Cuz I Can, I'm Not Dead by dualbunny. This is the Kara Thrace Pink Trilogy of AWESOME. If you know BSG and hadn't seen this? I do not want to know you, kthx.

Radar by trelkez. Die Hard. Come on, this is a Die Hard music video to a Britney Spears song. It can't be anything short of brilliant, right?

Doll Parts by hollywoodgrll. Legend of the Seeker, Denna. Confessors and Mord-Sith. Power and Powerlessness, pleasure and pain, control and restraint. And femslash and kink, can't forget that.

Don't talk, Morgana by hollywoodgrll. Merlin, Morgana. How Morgana's storyline in season two amounted to reacting and reacting. And also, wonderfully edited vid.

Dream On by fahrbotdrusilla. Ashes to Ashes, Alex Drake. It's Ashes to Ashes, which is never not visually stunning, and it's a DM song, which is a perfect choice, and it's just fantastic.

Falling is Like This by such_heights. Imagine me and you. If you haven't seen this movie - go watch this movie. If you had seen this movie, you're going to love this vid. (Actually, I'm pretty certain you are going to love this vid even if you hadn't seen this movie. this vid is awesome.)

Faster Kill Pussycatl by talitha78. Smallville, Chloe/Lana. Femslash galore. It's hot and it's fantastic and it's so amazingly well done you will be convinced those two are doing it. (And they should, really.)

Favourite Sky by charmax. Hex. This vid makes me miss the show so much. It's gorgeous and brilliantly edited, and it has just about the perfect song ever. And this is the vid that made me watch Hex, fyi.

Fireflies by ivanolix. Firefly, River Tam. Character study, wonderfully done. Fun and sad and exciting and brilliant. Love it.

Kiss with a Fist by bendtothesun. Star Trek Reboot, Kirk/Spock. It's just so them, and it cracks me up, and it's so very well done, too.

Dress Tomorrow In White by shati. Buffy. Sacrifice. How far will you go to save the world? Hopeless and helpless and strong.

What About Everything by fizzyblogic. Multifandom. Women are awesome. This vid makes me break into song, and laugh and cheer. So fantastic.

Head in the Game by smutcutter. Ocean's Eleven and Thirteen. Set to a High School Musical song. HSM songs make for the best vids, apparently, and this is so amazingly fun and fitting.

Glorious by such_heights. Multifandom. Women are awesome. This vid is awesome. And it's meta and fantastic and about breaking through and becoming amazing and being amazing, and just <3.

God's Country by astartexx. Supernatural, Jo. Because some characters get dealt the worst hand possible and they still come out playing the high stakes. Just, Jo.

We're gonna be friends by humansrsuperior. Life, Danni and Charlie. It's their relationship so wonderfully summarised, and with a double helping of Sarah Shahi's awesome bitchfaces. Sheer love.

Good Idea at the Time by lithiumdoll. Leverage, ensemble. A great recruitment vid. Perfect showcase for the crew and their antics and their quirks and their sheer awesomeness and craziness. Yay team.

Gotham City by jagwriter78. Birds of Prey, ensemble. This is lovely. I miss this show, kick-ass women, Bechdel-test passing in each episode, DCU geekery, Meyer's Barbara... I need to find episodes, one of these days, and rewatch...

Grapevine fires by skywaterblue. Star Trek, throughout the verses, huge ensemble. It makes me cry. No, really. It's one of the vids that support the spear-point theory and it has the emotional impact that, you know, makes me cry.

Half the man by isagel. Multifandom. It's not a vid I would ever think could be created, but it works. Amputees, in multifandom. Gorgeous editing, too.

Handlebars by flummery(Seth and Margie). Doctor Who, Ten. It's a fandom classic and there's a good reason for this. Gorgeous and freakin' scary and so, so brilliant.

Happiness by icepixie. Fred and Ginger. It's gorgeous and sweet and fantastic and makes me hold my breath in awe. So great.

part two possibly tomorrow. depending on time, this took hours to compile ;D
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