Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Vid recs list, part two.

I hope you're ready for this. Part one to be found here.

Harbor by kaydeefalls. Merlin, Gwen/Everyone. I love Gwen, I really do, and this is why: she's fantastic. And this showcases why: she is beautiful and kind and fierce and lovely. And she has chemistry with everyone, because everyone adores Gwen. As they should.

Hard Sun by bradcpu. Firefly, meta, fandom. This vid is in equal measures about Firefly and the enormous love we all have for this show, and about the amazigness of fandom and the fandom experience. It makes me hold my breath and stand in awe. And the blending of the source footage with the orignal footage is just perfect.

Come On by heresluck. Buffy, Buffy/Faith. This, and the next vid by Heresluck are my quintessential Buffy/Faith vid. It's them, rolled into a perfect three-or-so minutes pill. The looks, the smirks, the angst, the betrayals, the awesome, awesome fight scenes. And oh, wow, how well edited this is.

Superstar by heresluck. Buffy, Buffy/Faith. I actually think that the Buffy/Faith relationship beats any Buffy/guy story we had seen on the show, in terms of complexity and fabulousness. And here you can see why. And also - Faith is a superstar.

Jack or, Adventures in Reading Against the Text by some_stars. Heroes, Niki, Claire, Monica. What's amazing about this vid is that it purposefully recclaims the source by reading against it and changing the narrative that constantly disempowers women into a tale of empowerment. It's more than subversive, and it's fantastic.

Beautiful Obscene by charmax. Hex, Thelma. It's Thelma, and it's Charmax, which basically guarantees your daily dose of awesome. Beautifuly edited, tales the story of Thelma throughout the series. Why aren't you all watching this show? You should be, you know.

Hera Has Six Mommies by tallulah71. BSG, ensemble of women. It's a mashup song of PJ Harvey, Tori Amos, Bjork and Massive Attack, and it gives a disoriented and yet coherent look at their motivations and their dreams and their goals and their relationship with Hera. It's just amazingly fantastic.

Hourglass by giandujakiss. Multifandom. It's about the repeating day trope throughout fandoms. I bet you didn't know how many shows used and reused it! It's a fun look at the cliches of the genre and the similarities between the shows. Something must break, every time, doesn't it?

Hurricane by laurashapiro. BSG/Farscape, Kara/Aeryn. It's both a double character study, pointing out their similarities, and a really hot femslash vid. And it's almost too much awesome to bear.

I Will Follow by chaila. Sarah Connor Chronicles, Savannah Weaver. I miss this show so much. We never saw what became of the awesome and creepy Weaver family, and the awesome and creepy Savannah and John Henry relationship, and I regret this so much. At least there's this vid, which is ingenious.

I Wanna Be Bad by halcyon_shift. Multifandom, women. Going to the dark side is fun and educational for everyone. Fantastic women who are tired of playing it nice and safe. Energetic and fun and wonderfully edited.

Icebound Stream by sisabet. Due South, Fraser/Victoria. I don't care if you don't know the fandom, you should watch it anyway. It's use of stock footage is just so amazingly inspired and fantastic. It's, I believe, known throught he fandom as WTFPOLARBEAR vid, and it deserves that moniker. Seriously, awesome. Watch.

In the Ayer by renenet. Leverage, ensemble. As much as I ship various permutations of the crew OTPs and OT3s (no, a concept of One True Anything is very much lost on me), I love Leverage the most when it's all about them as the team. And this vid is why. It's so good.

I Put You There by laurashapiro and lithiumdoll. Meta. If you know me in RL, there is a good chance I made you watch this. On multiple occasions. Because this is sheer love and awesomeness, and this is about all of us, the fandom, creating and taking control over the narrative, and writing ourselves in and not writing ourselves in, shaping and molding, and, just, <3. And on the purely technical level, this is awesome.

I want what I want by dualbunny. Bionic Woman, Jamie/Sarah. It makes Bionic Woman look like such an awesome show! The editing is just perfection, and I love the story here, the wanting and needing and desiring mixed with resentment and heartbreak.

Jacob Marley's Chain by butterfly. Merlin, Uther. Character study, and how excellent. It's difficult to feel sympathy for Uther on the show, most of the time you just want to throttle him, but ASH has ways of infusing him with a sense of tragedy and reason, and this vid carries that through. Just wonderful.

Just a Girl by wyomingnot. Much Ado About Nothing, Beatrice. This is inspired. The song choice, the editing, Emma Thompson's facial expressions (SO MUCH LOVE), everything about this fills me with glee.

Kid Fears by astolat. Star Wars. I don't think I have the words to describe this one. I think it's another point for the spearpoint theory - if you have loved Star Wars for your whole life you can't watch this vid and not break a little.

Kung Fu Fighting by chamalla. Twilight. Yes, you read that right. It's about vampires and fights and baseball. And it's kind of very, very awesome.

I Wish I was Punk Rocker by kuwdora. Stargate SG-1. Many Samantha Carters, they all want to be our Sam. It's just such a neat concept and such an amazing song and well, Sam Carter. Who is made of awesome in every universe.

And Ladies With Pretty Hair by hollywoodgrrl. Merlin, Legend of the Seeker. Swords, wizards, magic, fighting, forests, tyrants, prophesizing, lotsa running, and ladies with pretty hair. The editing! The cuts! The parallels! The pretty girls fighting with swords and knives! And the awesome, awesome hair.

Ladies Night by counteragent. Multifandom. Women - desired and desirable, female gaze and female desire and female sexuality and just general awesomeness. Another for guess-the-fandom game, and the grouping of the sources and the connections between them are splendid.

Land by sweetestdrain. Terminator movies, Sarah Connor Chronicles. Holy shit. This is epic, not only ten-minutes-epic, but also spanning-years-of-canon-epic. Any attempts on talking about it make me incoherent and flailing madly.

Money (That's What I Want) by lapillus. Leverage, Parker. Can you tell by the title how perfect this song is for Parker? And this vid is just as perfect, fun and adorable and quirky and PARKER.

Lies of Handsome Men by dkwilliams. Multifandom. It's about the men of our fandoms, with a healthy dose of slash, but it's also about us, the fangirls who love them. Just wonderful.

Like My Very Own Blood by jarrow. BSG. Kara, Adama. It's about a relationship that's really, really fucked up, and it's a bit painful to watch, but it's amazing and fantastically done, so worth it.

Long Spear by jmtorres. Star Trek, all of it. It's the spearpoint vid. It starts with Reboot, and flashes of TOS, and then it slowly builds up enough of the emotional punch to kill me dead, spanning through the years of canon, and the multiverse, and to our universe, to our years of fannish love and it's just so amazingly fantastic. SO lovely and awesome.

Lost at Sea by halcyon_shift. Sarah Connor Chronicles, Jessie. It's just so amazingly beautiful and complex and hard to watch and wonderful. This is why I love Jessie.

Lovers in Japan by stillthestars. Criminal Minds, ensemble. This is a fantastic BAU team vid, with great shots, wodnerful editing, and excellent use of the split screen. Oh, team.

Holding Out for a Hero by marycrawford. Hercules, ensemble, Twanky. It's the perfect vid for this show: fun and cracky and fantastic.

Improper Dancing by marycrawford. Multifandom. It's fun and fast-paced and excellently edited, and just amazingly adorable. One of the best vids to cheer you up.

Swing by marycrawford. Star Trek TOS. It's so fun and adorable, and it really shows you that Uhura is the most competent of all the Starship Crackpot crewmembers. I do love them so.

Bad Romance by such_heights. Merlin, Morgana/Morgause, Morgana/Gwen. It's awesome and cracky and angsty and it's all about femslash that may be incestual but I don't really care because it's awesome.

Night at the Opera by such_heights. Merlin, ensemble. Medley to Queen songs. The choices are perfect, and the editing is brilliant, and just... I love everyone on this show, and this vid loves everyone on the show, so I love this vid, okay? ;D

Dancing Queen by trelkez and sweetestdrain. Merlin, ensemble. Yep, it's Merlin set to ABBA. Isn't this the perfect thing? They are so adorable, all of them, that I want to hug and cuddle them. And it's superbly edited, too.

Elemental by wistful_fever. Merlin, Merlin/Arthur. This is beautiful, and the imagery is stunning and inspired, juxtaposing stock images and brushes over the source material. Just stunning.

Metaphor by cesperanza and flummery. Multifandom. It will never let you look at some of the scenes you know in quite the same way. Freudian road trip to awesome. Splendidly done.

Mind Meld by spookyfbi. Star Trek, Reboot and TOS. If you are, or if you have ever been, a Kirk/Spock fan, then this is for you. If not - it's still an awesomely done fanvid you might want to watch. And then become a K/S fan.

Miss World by some_stars. Criminal Minds, Elle. Profiler, Agent, Victim. I love Elle here, her strenght and her vulnerability and her issues and her awesomeness.

Destiny Calling by charmax. Multifandom, superheroes. It's the ultimate comics heroes mash-up, brilliantly edited, fun, and awe-inspiring.

My Medea by yunitsa. Multifandom, Jossverse. This is painful to watch, if you love the shows (and I do love Buffy and Firefly, badly), because it highlights some of the worst issues. Women who have to be powerless and violated so they can become powerful, but only with the power invested in them by the system/creator/men. Striking.

Never Be by tearful_eye. Criminal Minds. Women victims, throughout the show. Fighting back, undefeated. It's disturbing and powerful.

No Bravery by charmax. Troy. This is epic in so many ways, including the obvious one ;). I love Illiad, I don't much care about Troy as a movie, but I love the vid, it makes it into the right story. Just perfect.

and all my bones begun to shake by meltingconfetti. Supernatural, Bela. It's beautifully edited, and shows what Bela arc's could have been, and how it should have been shown. It makes you care about her, and it's all the more tragic, because you know how this story ends.

Bachelorette by obsessive24. Buffy, Ensemble. This is just amazing, taking the concept of patriarchy as it is shown in Buffy and pointing at it, at everything that's wrong with the gender roles, with everything that is wrong with how men/mosters/patriarchy-as-the-big-bad treats slayers/women of the show. And the intro montage will leave you in shock and awe, too.

Effigy by obsessive24. Merlin, Gwen, arthurian legends, Guinevere. This is the vid that, if I could, I would paste into my MA thesis instead of writing the whole chapter on Guinevere. It makes me want to run and yell THIS, but it also makes me want to sit quietly and *love*. The juxtaposition of the Merlin clips with other sources is fantastically brilliant and just, wow. Instant incoherence.

Piece of Me by obsessive24. Britney Spears. It's amazingly done, and it's a wonderful example of vidding as a social and political commentary. The work that must have gone into gathering sources looks enormous, but it's this attention that's the vid's most amazing feature. And it shows us a sympathetic portrayal of Britney, and a great critique of our media and our times.

That's All by obsessive24. Lois and Clark, Lois/Clark. I love this show. Did I mention that I love this show? it's so wonderfully adorable. And in this vid, just as adorable, and with a bonus of not a glimpse of red cape in sight (I adore Clark, I dislike Superman, sue me. or, well, don't.) Also, obsessive24 could just as well get her whole reccing post here, just do yourself a favour, click on her LJ and watch everything she had ever made. You won't be sorry.

Oh My God by butterfly. Better than Chocolate. Hadn't seen the movie? Don't worry, neither have I, and I still enjoyed this vid like all hell. Because it's hot and awesome and extremely well done.

One Foot Boy by giandujakiss. Merlin, Merlin/Arthur. Boys. So adorable and lovely and awesome, and with priceless facial expressions. So well done.

One Night Fandoms by thingswithwings and eruthros. Multifandom, and how. A tribute to the yuletide, to the writers and to the fandom, and it's so amazingly well done. Just look at the list of fandoms and think how difficult it must have been to make... mind boggles. And it's perfect and fantastic and wonderful. And I dare you, play the guess fandoms game.

and that's it for today, the third and probably the final part of the list tomorrow (maybe).
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