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Vid recs list, part three.

part one and part two, for your and mine convenience. On with the show.

White Rabbit by starcrossedgirl. Star Trek TOS. It's hilarious, it really is, especially when you know that all of this crack is most certainly canon. (People don't believe me sometimes when I tell them what went on in TOS. Not even when I offer photographic evidence, they think I make this shit up. I do not make this shit up, I don't have to.) The choice of clips is hilarious, watch it even if you hadn't seen TOS. Come on, you know you want to.

Overboard by undeny. 10 things I hate about you (movie). Can you believe this movie is ten years old? I love this movie, I love Julia so much it hurts, and I love Heath and I love, love this vid. It makes me happy, I like vids that make me happy.

Overlap by china_shop. White Collar, Neal/Peter. China_shop makes just the best White Collar vids. This one is absolutely fantastic, showcasing Neal and Peter's relationship with well-placed cuts and just an excellent choice of a song, and it's understated and beautiful.

Return to Oz by wolfling and mogigraphia. BtVS, Giles, Willow, Buffy. It's Giles' story, and a Sunnydale story, and a story of Giles and Buffy and Willow. And it's depressing and it's wonderfully done, with a really inspired song choice and fantastic clip choices. This is the Giles vid for me.

Pain that I'm used to by przed. Batman, The Dark Knight, Bruce, Jim. I know I've recced this before and I'll say what I said then: it's awesome. And fitting, for both of them, and masterfully done, with a complicated and fitting song.

Passenger Fever by hollywoodgrrl. Twin Peaks. This is so creepy. And scary good. And amazing. I love the parallels and the editing in this, so much.

The Moth by pipsqueaky. Gone with the Wind. I think this is the vid that started my Aimee Mann obsession... I love this so much, it's more of a vidlet than a full lenght vid, but it is more than enough. Well edited, and could there be a more perfect song?

Goody Two Shoes by pipsqueaky. Due South. Fraser, oh, Fraser. <3 It's just such a fun and adorable vid, about Fraser and his two Rays, and about their energy and expressions and the weird stuff Fraser does all the damn time.

Poker Face by chaila. Sarah Connor Chronicles. Sarah/all her men. Or possibly Sarah/her guns. I'm awed by the editing, it's kinetic and full of energy and just so damn well done. And the clips choice, and the general message, it's incredibly fantastic.

Raise it Up (Rabbit-hearted Girl) by ancastar. SPN, Jo, Ellen. I love this so much. If the whole show was this, just this, I would love it forever. Two awesome women and the sacrifices they're making, till the last one. So well done, such an excellent song choice.

Camelot Rap by Kheldara. I lost the livejournal link :(. But omg, this is so fun. And so cracky. And fantastic. And made me laugh like a lunatic for hours.

Fade Out by sabaceanbabe. BSG, Razor. Kendra Shaw (and Kara Thrace). This is just powerful and emotive storytelling, I love the clips put together, and the repeating motif, and it's just so amazingly well done.

Rise by chaila. West Wing. I think this is one of the most problematic shows to vid - so much depends on the dialogue... but this is an excellently done vid that carries through the wonderfully fleshed characters of the show, with their flaws and with their amazingness.

Roller by zimshan. SPN, Women of SPN. I love this vid so much. It's infused with so much energy and kickass and awesome, and even in the heartbreaking moments it's about strenght and wonderfulness.

Say Hey (I love you) by sdwolfpup. RPF, Barack/Michelle Obama. No, srsly, it's an RPF vid about the US president and his wife. And it's incredibly and fantastically adorable, and I love how the pics/clips show a real partnership and love.

Scrapbook of my life by mamoru22. SGA, John/Rodney. It's incredibly creative and unique, and really adorable and fun. It has stick figures! I love everything with stick figures, really.

Sequence by lim. Serenity. This is my favourite Regina song, and I previously thought it was unvidable. Apparently, it is, and woah, how. It fits River perfectly, and the vid is saturated and creepy and depressing and so fantastic.

Seven Nation Army by charmax. Multifandom, evil robots and people who fight them. This is so extremely fun, and seamlessly blended, and well edited, in a kinetic and fast-paced way.

She walks by jmtorres. Dollhouse. It's an angry Dollhouse vid, which is my favourite kind of Dollhouse vids (along with angry meta vids and angry angsty vids and meta angsty vids. If find a shippy Dollhouse vid, I will spit in its face, for real.) And woah, the editing, it is made of sheer awesome.

Smile by charmax. BtVS, Angel. The many faces of joy and slapstick and awesomeness. Buffy has amazing levels of humour. It's the most heartbreaking show at times, but it is also one of the funniest shows. And this vid shows that wonderfully.

Souljacker by danegen. SPN, BtVS, Dean, Faith. Character study. You know how fandom is head over heals in love with the idea of Faith/Dean? I'm not, and yet, yeah, I can see that in this vid. I could never see all the parallels all by myself, but woah, this vid does show you everything. Brilliant.

Stand Still, Look Pretty by shoopdancer. Twin Peaks. Audrey Horne, becoming Amanda Palmer. It's so wonderfully done, it reminds me how simply stunning and amazing the show was. I need to rewatch, one of these days, and maybe this time actually get things... (what, I was maybe 13 when I watched it?)

Steady as she goes by jesuit24. Star Trek TOS. The editing here is superb, and I can't get over everyone's facial expression. Kirk's especially, because we all know Shatner, but everyone is just precious and priceless. Aww, TOS.

Stay Up Late by wyomingnot. Leverage, gen, Hardison. I love all of the team, but Hardison and Parker are my definite favourites, and they are joy to watch in the vids. Aldis' facial expressions are made of sheer win.

Still Alive by counteragent. SPN, fandom. OMG, this is the vid I'm obsessed with at the moment, to the point of watching it over and over and over again. The work that went into this is enormous, and you should go through the resources list at that post. It's amazing and fantastic and celebrating the one thing I still love about SPN - its fandom.

Still a rock star by damned_colonial. Sherlock Holmes (movie). Holmes is a rock star. Apparently Pink is perfect for Kara Thrace and for all RDJ characters, really. This is perfectly edited, and the lyrics interpretation is laugh-out-loud hilarious.

Strangelove by giandujakiss. The Inside. This vid is responsible for adding the Inside to my list of shows-to-watch-and-pronto. It just looks so, so awesome.

Stuck to you by giandujakiss. Star Trek Reboot, Spock/Uhura/Kirk. This vid makes me dance. No, really, I break into this ridiculous routine and dance. Around my dog. Who looks at me like I'm an idiot. Every damn time. But this vid! I love this vid, and I love them, Spock and Uhura and Kirk and how precious they are. Awesomeness.

Suburbia by dualbunny. BtVS, Buffy. Her beginnings and her ends. Going down swinging and surviving. And she, alone. There's this world again.

Suffrage by e_transitions. Iron Jawed Angels. Oh, this is so amazing and powerful. It sends shivers down my spine, just superb.

Suicide Note by charmax. Angel, Wesley, Illyria, depression. This is another vid that, if you know me, you probably had been subjected to, and made to watch a good few times. Because it's just amazing. And it makes me cry every damn time. And it's been one of the first vids that made me sit and stare and think: hey, I see the point of fan vidding.

The Fear by aychen. Multifandom, Summer Glau. I love this, so much. Summer Glau, always playing programmable, broken dolls. The use of fourth-wall breaking techniques here is fantastic, the sources from all over the place, the juxtaposing of the inside images, the watcher-being-watched quality... Oh, just watch it.

Through Glas by bananainpyjamas. Superman, Spiderman. I was floored by this vid, from the song choice to the excellent editing to show the parallels between to very different heroes, who yet struggle with the very same problems. Incredible.

Apple Candy by talitha78. Star Trek Reboot, Spock/Uhura/Kirk. This is like the ultimate threesome song, isn't it? And it's so amazingly lovely and heartbreaking and sweet, and it's just perfect for them, makes my heart skip a beat.

Fireflies by talitha78. Up!, Dug. This vid makes me happy. That's reason enough to see it, and it's by Talitha, whose vids you should watch right now, all of them, because she can do no wrong. Yes, even if you don't know the fandoms, I don't care. Anyways, I showed this vid to the kids I teach, and they just sat, staring in awe. And believe me, those kids are discerning...

Imma be by talitha78. Leverage, Hardison, Parker, Eliot. OMG, this is the definite Leverahe OT3 vid. They are just so fantastically awesome, and this vid manages to convey all of their chemistry and the energy and the crack and the quirk and the awesome.

It's not my name by talitha78. Smallville, Clark Kent/Superman. I am right now in a Superman phase, growing to epic proportions. And thsi vid helped to get me there, and made me get the first five seasons of Smallville. For now. Because oh my god, this is Clark. And I love Clark. So well done, so amazing.

The Boxer by settai. Sherlock Holmes, Irene/Holmes/Watson and their collective awesome. I love this OT3 like burning, and this vid will show you why.

Uninvited by astolat. Silence of the Lambs. This is incredibly creepy and I love it so much. And it probably forever connected this Alanis song with this vid for me. I can see the vid in front of my eyes when the song plays, that's brilliancy.

Us by lim. Multifandom, fandom. It's just... oh my god, I get mad and flaily over this vid, every time. Seriously, it's fantastic and one of a kind, and if you're gonna watch one vid ever, watch this one. I can explain it without sounding like a mad person.

Walking on the ground by flummery. Multifandom, fandom, vidding. Yes, this is a vid about vidding, and it is splendidly done. When I saw it the first time I cheered loudly and immediately pressed replay. It's so amazingly put together.

Wild Child by calapine. Multifandom, women. Yes, this is another one of the 'women are awesome' celebratory vids, and why not? World needs more of these, and this is so wonderful, the choice of clips, the song, everything. Amazing.

American Tune by trelkez. West Wing. How awesome is this vid? How perfect is this song? Seriously, I get teary-eyed at this, and sniff a lot, and complain about my allergies. This is wonderful, watch it.

Women's Work by sisabet and sockkpuppett. SPN, Women. Seriously, if you are in the fandom at all, you must have seen this. If not, oh my god, where do you live, under a rock? Just watch it.

Would you be mine? by odessie. Lois and Clark. This vid is responsible for me downloading the whole Lois and Clark series. And ordering dvds. And starting my current Superman phase, and so for me finally buying all the movies and watching Smallville. It slayed me with the adorableness and their facial expressions, and reminded me how much I was in love with both of them, Clark and Lois, and their flirty and crazy relationship. ♥

I'm Your Man by charmax. Multifandom, women, femslash. I can't get over this vid, it's wonderfully put together, and the clips choices are inspired, and I absolutely love this cover of this song. It's just beyond awesome.
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