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Rumours of my death were greatly egxagerrated. Well, kinda. Well, slightly. Well...

Classes. Blah. Since 8 am till 8 pm? That sucks. A lot. Especially since that means I get up at six and get back home at nine... Saturday means homework, essays, articles, readings, preparing for tests and all that crap... Sunday means sleeping. The only time I use a computer is during computer lab - and hey! I've learned something in them. Woohoo. For the first time since Primary School I've learned something in the computer class. Cool.

I also learned you loose weight if you don't eat dinners for three weeks. Figures. Oh, and breakfasts. Just a bagel around ten. and then huge supper. Not healthy, that.

Like Culture classes. The lecturer is way cool. Looks kinda like Victor Garber *g* and has a very Tony Head-like voice which is, ya know YAY! I can listen him for hours... and I do, actually... two times a week. Skills lecturer is also quite cool. Speaks faster than me on caffeine and many thought this impossible...

I still overuse ellipses. Whatever.

Had library course today. I mean, we were given free time from classes to go to the library and learn how to use it. No kidding. They told us how to order the books, showed the catalogue and cards and all that stuff. Not that it wasn't fun, but... Where is the point?

I'm taking tomorrow off. Bugger everything. I've earned one day of fun... well, it means typing in my ficathon assigments (finally!) and tagging people who should finally be tagged - love you all. Very sorry I kept you waiting.

Now sleepy. Dead tired... I think I've change the studies, ya know? For something... easy. Like Law. Or Med School.

Just kidding.

Oh! I've learned what is. Cool. Also, switched IE for Firefox... and if that was the highlight of my weel you can tell a lot about my social life.

Now, will go and make myself tea. With sugar, for a change (sugar is for those who can't afford coccaine). Then will sleep. And sleep. And finally, SLEEP.

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