Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Non-fiction and a call for book recs.

I am on a greatest non-fiction kick since, well, ever. I don't know, maybe fanfic takes care of my immediate fiction needs and I reach out because of that? Maybe studying literature kills my enjoyment in any novel and I dissect it and overanalyse? Well, whatever the reason, 90% of the books I buy now are non-fiction.

I have went from One Bullet Away to Generation Kill to Making the Corps to Fiasco already, and my (great site, they don't charge for postage, which is just awesome, because amazon hates me with vengeance) wishlist is full of stuff like Dispatches and Helmet for my Pillow. And, inexplicably, the Complete Idiot's Guides to stuff like the US Constitution and the American Presidency and the Supreme Court. You know what they teach us in Polish schools about US politics and history? Nothing. Well, something about World War II, but the first I've heard about Vietnam War was from Rambo movies. (Although, that even predates my actual schooling. I was seven. My parents had weird views on what constitutes appropriate entertainment for a seven year old girl. It explains a lot, probably.)


I've also stocked up on books on conmen and such (from How to Cheat at Everything to poker tricks), some convergence culture and fandom stuff (Henry Jenkins, mostly, but it went from there), and feminist stuff (most recent: Click and Living Dolls), and I already have a great deal of pop culture guides and such (from Literary Galaxy of Star Trek to Batman and Philosophy to Neptune Noir). And don't even start me on the amount of stuff I have from arthurian scholarship. But that's MA, that's different.

Anyways again.

Recs. Do you have any? As evidenced, I will probably read anything as long as it's interesting or entertaining or useful or useless but fun or related to fannish experience or feminism or well, anything that is random but good. Help me, Obi-Flist Kenobi.
Tags: books, buried in books, happy happy hippos, how do you solve a problem like noelia, noelia needs help, recs call

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