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Sick again... have a huge something on my throat and it hurts to speak. Or swallow anything...
But at least I have some free time from the Uni.
I love my studies, I really do, but being stuck at the Uni from 8 am to 8 pm puts a stop on your social life. Fuck, it puts a stop on your online life, and that's sick...

Plus... I've had a format. Disc C said bye bye and moved into oblivion... I miss my photoshop brushes. I miss my stored fics. I miss my essay for Wednesday that I need to rewrite now and that I've already spent three days working on at the first time...

In case anyone is interested in me ranting....

So, okay. One of my subjects at school is a discussion class - and I really like it. One of my fav classes in fact... But on the last one we were talking gay rights, marriages, adoption and stuff... And let me ask... how a bunch of 20-year olds can be so... pigheaded? How can people still think that it's a disease? That it's a perversion? That it's a mentall illness?
I wasn't yelling, really. I didn't show a finger to anyone. I just asked if they think gay couples will raise only gay children how is it that a white kid adopted by black people doesn't grow up to be black...
I'm not talking about my whole group, no. I'm talking about the girl next to me who went 'eeew' when the gays were mentioned. I'm talking about the guy who admitted he wouldn't mind sharing a changing room with a girl, but wouldn't share it with a homosexual guy. I'm talking about the girl who said that children raised by gay couples will probably suffer mental illness.
The thing that pisses me off the most? That those people think of themselves as 'tolerant'.
I hate tolerant people. I totally do. They put themselves on the top of society's ladder, 'tolerating' everyone who happens to be different than them...

Needed to get this out of my system....

Okay, now a question to my rp partners... I am totally behind all my games *hungs her head in shame*. I've already talked to Cala and Nora, but the rest of you... shall we continue or did you give up on me?
Especially FerretGirl... Cuz I love Trapped Outside *g*

And to finish....:

1.    2.    3.    4.

(still on a QAF crack.... and did anyone saw QaF UK? What the fuck? It's so... not fun...)

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