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So, the season is starting. \o/ I do wonder how soon I will fall behind :D

Hellcats 1x01

Okay, on one hand it's cliched and unimaginative, every characters is pretty much cut out from cardboard from the appropriate drawer, and Marti's supposed 'edginess' annoys the fuck out of me. You're not a unique snowflake, sweetheart, you're the cynical character in every cheerleader movie. You've watched Bring it On for chrissakes, you should know better, get over yourself.

On the other hand, Marti/Savannah otp femslashiness is a thing of joy and now I want fic in which Savannah writes all over Marti's body. They already share a room, it's convenient.

Also appreciated: Bechdel test win. And the fact that most of the guys are there only to be seen through their relationship to the female characters. It's not much, considering the subject matter, but I kind of like it anyway.

Vampire Diaries 2x01

HELL YES. Remember when this was a show we watched for the lols? And to MOCK? And then Damon showed up and it was delightful and then the writes started smoking the crackpipe of utterly awesome.

I love that Elena and Bonnie and Caroline remain absolutely awesome and best friends forever. Bonnie is absolutely brilliant and she needs to kick people's asses on more regular basis, and her smirky conversations with Damon are a thing to behold.

Katherine is great, and I think Nina's pulling both roles fantastically, and I really love the creepy dynamic of Elena's doppleganger going around and killing her friends and family members. (Only, not quite killing, apparently.)

I am sad Jeremy survived, he's boring as all fuck, and now Anna's dead there's no pretty in his plotline either.

Also, I do love the sheriff. Just wanted to say that. And I love that she and Damon has this trust and confidence thing going on, it's both lovely and depressing, and I like watching it.

White Collar 2x09

I would just like a moment to say NANANANANANANA BATMAN. Mozzie mentioned Commissioner fucking Gordon.

I LOVED the whole construction of the files, the smells, the texture, the complicated puzzle, and I love the fact that later it was called up when Elizabeth remarked on the perfume and Peter knew whose it was. It was technically such a small thing, unnecessary for the plot because they could have just said Neal fakes the files and that would be it, but they had shown the process, shown their work, and I'm such a sucker for competence porn and this show delivers.

I continue to love Alex. Her meetings with Neal are such classics, old-school movies extravaganza, and she's a cat burglar, too. I wonder if she rubbed shoulders with Parker, on occasion. But! Her breaking into Diana's apartment! I want her and Diana's interractions.

Also, oh, Neal. The gun scene, Neal out of control and on the edge, this was a thing of breauty and Matt Bomer is just fantastically brilliant.

I still don't care about the Kate plot at all. I tried to like Kate, hell, I liked Kate at the beginning when she was leaving a trail of cliched breadcrumbs and playing with bottles and invisible ink and codes, but now she's nothing but a name and a McGuffin and she deserves better. At least show us a fucking flashback to her and Neal's past, show us why she is awesome and why we should care.

If she turns out not to be dead, I will roll my eyes forever. Although, Alexandra Daddario, you are gorgeous and you need to be on my tv. So.

Leverage 3x13

I don't know if I love or resent the fact that the Italian seems like a cartoon villain with her ominous phone calls and mystery ways.

Parker's FBI agent can come back any time, I love him so much! And Parker doesn't want him to go to Kansas!

Eliot continues his quest to become my favourite character. I don't know, I was all about Hardison (with some bonus Parker) but Eliot goes mocking about firetrucks and can't help a smile at Parker's antics (I know it was probably Kane, not Eliot, but it was caught on camera, so.) and the whole plot strand with them playing cops was great, and just <3

I care less and less about Nate/Sophie storyline, they're unnecessarily dragging it out in some weird way. I get it, both have issues, but they seem more constructed than usual.

Can we have Sterling back? I miss Sterling. If that fails, Chaos. I have s strange sort of affection for any evil!Whil Wheaton character.

Rizzoli & Isles 1x09

There's no words to describe my love for Maura Isles. She's so infinitely adorable, I can't even.

I love that there's a female friendship here, I love the sense of family the show has. I am mostly bored by the cases, because how many procedurals you can see without shit getting repetitive, but I loved the DNA thing, and how Isles went to an obvious conclusion - obvious for her, because anyone else would consider they might have made a mistake.

Also, Angie Harmon's and Sasha Alexander's faces. Seriously the faces they make are so brilliant and adorable.

Nikita 1x01

Shane West has no chemistry with anyone. Maggie Q is awesome. I laughed out loud when I saw Melinda Clarke because of course who do you cast in Madelaine's role, CW, who do you cast?

Lyndsy Fonseca is my Kryptonite, though. She hasn't done anything substantial, to be honest, but her bit parts were always fun and interesting and she's been around at the edge of my tv mind, and here she's getting to shine and she's awesome. Vulnerable and strong and smirky and plotty and in over her head and just, love.

Xander Berkley is not scary enough. I don't care about the Nerd guy at all which means they're really doing something wrong. I don't give a shit about Daniel, it's cliche as fuck and I hope they deal with it and fast, and that he's really dead

But, two women bringing down an organisation, with the mentor-mentee dynamic? Yes, okay, sold.

Merlin 3x01

Katie, I love you, but STOP WITH THE SMIRKING. Once, twice, thrice, ENOUGH. (It does look good on you, though, but then again, everything does. And the scene in the forest when you knew Merlin was there, Morgana, you BAMF. And I love that FINALLY someone called Merlin out on his lurking and stalking.

Also, some pretty dresses and cloak action. Clothes porn in pseudo-medieval setting is the best. (Speaking of, woah, are they trying with fan service or what? Tom Ellis' Cendred made me laugh SO MUCH for all his black leather and Aragorn hair and sulky evil looks. I swear, he looks like some parts of the fandom wanted Snape to look and it cracks me the fuck up.)

And isn't Morgause's dating life just the best? She hooks up with her girlfriendsister and then she goes to taunt the hot guy in black leather. And she wears red silky dresses and heavy armour and a lot of eyeliner. I heartily approve.

Not enough Gwen. Never enough Gwen. Angel actually rises above the material she's given, and she does wonders with her face: the quiet comfort, the puzzlement, the worry for Morgana, I loved it so much. More Gwen. And fucking show that Morgana still cares for Gwen. Come on, I know she's supposed to be evil now, but she probably doesn't consider herself evil, alright? There's no reason she'd forget her friends. Some care for Gwen and Arthur would be nice, okay?

I'm just about done with the Merlin-and-Arthur-comedy-routine. No, no more falling down and being idiots, no more mocking. Well, mocking is fun, it can be fun, if it's not supposed to hurt. I direct you to my pal Ray-Ray, or Brad Colbert. Or ya know, any tv band of friends who mock because they care. Spells to make Arthur fall down and look like an idiot? Not okay. Mocking Merlin like that? Not okay. Done with that. Also, are they really at a level when Merlin can openly mock Arthur in front of his knights like that? Seriously?

Tony Head was absolutely freakin' brilliant. I want Uther to be dead soon but yet I want Tony to stay on the show for years and years. It's a problem, I see that.

CAN SOMEONE LEARN ABOUT MERLIN'S MAGIC? I don't even care whom, at this point. I know it's not going to be Arthur, but how abour Morgana, Morgause, Gwen, Sir Leon, anyone?

And this was a slow week...
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  • true story.

    In case you guys are wondering what I did for the entire day. (and will do again tomorrow.) This is actually pretty accurate.

  • I aten't dead

    Figured I might owe everyone an update... 1. Terrible writer's block. I have a dozen or more fics started and can't bring myself to actually…

  • Joe Manganiello

    So, as I said, after after meeting Alexander Skarsgard last year and not making a total idiot of myself, fainting on sight, or saying anything…