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Randomness again

I don't usually listen to other people's conversations on a buss. I'm usually too busy reading - because believe me, right now it's the only time where I actually have time to read something that isn't a textbook or something else for my classes.

But today the driver was awful and the ride to bumpy to concentrate on my book, and the batteries in my discman run out... so, anyways.

There was this really pretty girl sitting in front of me. And there was this guy standing next to her, he wasn't that handsome, but he was the type of guy who would go out only with a really pretty girl. Gold chain around his neck and all.
Got the picture?


So, they were talking about all kinds of stuff, from who puked on the yesterday's party to the soap opera the girl was apparently a big fan of. The conversation was dying, though, and the guy was becoming more and more interested with his cell phone than the girl.

In one desperate attempt to win his attention back she announced boldly "Ya know, I've read a book!"

My eyebrows rose. I hold my breath, waiting for reaction. What title would be revealed now? What author caught pretty girl's attention?

The thing is, the guy didn't ask about the title, author, or anything. No, he asked "Why?"

On other things.

Got 97% on my last test. Go me.
Still don't have much of a life. Whatever.
Two months to my birthday. I'll stop being a teenager.
Need to get myself a bank account with a credit card that would be accepted on the net. Stupid paypal.

How many Dadaists does it take to change a lightbulb?

Purple but through squirrel tube no.

That is all.

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