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Hey, maybe I will be able to sort of keep this up?

True Blood 3x12

Oh, well. I continue to be unimpressed by everything that's not Eric, Pam, or Jessica. I sort of liked Sookie for the first few minutes, because she was awesome and unamused by all the bullshit, until she went out of character with that whole Talbot-to-sink action. What the fuck, Sookie?

I need more of Sookie being awesome and whip-smart and cute. Less Sookie being a selfish bitch and/or infatuated with Bill. I also need more of Sookie/Tara friendship. Because I'm beginning to doubt it exists. (Clap your hands if you believe in fairies... Yeah, okay, bad joke.)

Alexander's acting was kind of awesome. He does great things with very little expression change, it's seriously impressive. All's in his eyes.

And I love, love Sophie Anne's dress. Just, yes.

Gossip Girl 4x01

Katie Cassidy! Clemence Poesy! I seriously, seriously approve of your casting choices, show.

I don't approve of the same incestous pool of relationships. Dan Humphrey Show is fucking boring. At least Jenny was gone for the ep, and that makes me happy.

Need more Blair. Need more Blair and Serena femslashy BFFness and clothes buying and Serena being a good friend who draws Blair out. And I want them to be happy at Columbia and I want Blair to take over the campus in a few short weeks and I want Serena to kind of get a kick out of her classes and wear awesome clothes on campus. More of them, less of the Humphreys and I will be happy.

Hellcats 1x02

Look, it's the second episode and I already don't give a shit.

Marti is BORING. I just so seriously don't care about her issues with Mom and all her I'm-the-only-adult-here routine that I almost fall asleep during her scenes.

Savannah is interesting, though. Didn't see her backstory go that way and it was interesting to see, but then it sort of got boring and typical too.

Townie-friend-whatshisface is so uninteresting I didn't even bother to remember his name.

Erm. Routines are pretty? But yeah, one of the first shows to go if it doesn't pick up some pace and fast.

Lie to Me 2x22

Lee Turgesen! Aww.

Emily and a boyfriend. Fun. I hear it's a possible storyline for next season of Castle and it's relevant to my interests (Emily Lightman and Alexis Castle should team up and fight crime together. Or make out.)

Bye Mekhi Pfeifer. Hello, Monique. I missed you, Monique, you were awesome as not!Montoya detective Ramirez and you were awesome as the detective on the Unusuals (gone too soon) and you will be awesome as detective here... typecasted? I don't care about typecasted, she's freakin' awesome. (btw, Monica Raymund is my Montoya. And now I have my Montoya and my not!Montoya on the same show. Heee.)

Lost Girl 1x01

I don't think we had that one before. A show in which the main character is a succubus? Potential to be hilariously awful, but kind of FUN.

And a superhero succubus and her awesome sidekick kind of rocks. I love it when female characters team up to fight crime other fays.

Emanuelle Vaugier is always nice to see. The sort-of-werewolf ambiguous fay!Cop who tastes like the fourth of July is kind of fun too. But mostly, TEAM FEMSLASH.

Merlin 3x02

I think there was less smirking from Morgana, but still too much. Keep the downward tendency and we'll be fine. Of course, the next episode will be awful for many other reasons. Fart jokes, it's been too long.

Now, how can this show be so amazingly AWESOME one moment and so awfully tragically BAD right next second? I'm done with the cruel jokes and slapstick action. Arthur grew up, make him act like it.

And what everyone else said already, I want some acknowledgment that Merlin and Gaius are complicit in making Morgana turn evil. Not like you could have told her the truth, instead of lying to her and drugging her and making her think she was insane. WELL DONE.

Also. Creepy dragon is watching you sleeeeeep. Young warlock.

Good to see Sir Leon out and about. Please never die.

GWEN HAD LINES, you guys. Now, a plot line. Eh?

Nikita 1x02

Attempted rape in second episode. Lovely.

I still like the idea of Nikita and Alex bringing the Division down. It's cool. But give me something to at least give a shit about, because most of the plot is boring and the characters have zero chemistry. Except for tiny bits between Alex and Nikita but I assume they will mostly remain on two sides of the computer screen and so...

There was maybe one line that made me almost smile. Dialogue is just... it doesn't crack, doesn't fly.

And Shane West is wooden like a wooden stake. And something about his voice bores me.

On the plus side, no boring dead boyfriend storyline. A+

Outlaw 1x01

I love Jimmy Smits. Carly Pope is adorable and I think fondly of Jesse Bradford.

That said, meh. I do like the premise but it wants to be the next Good Wife rather badly. And Carly, I love you, but you are not Archie Panjabi.

I do love the blonde assistant though. She's fresh and fun and preppy and I'm sure she got straight As on her literature midterms until they came and sucked her into their lives of crime(fighting).

Garza is interesting. He is a smug asshole, yes, but less so than it has been a fashion lately, and he doesn't make me want to hit him like most of the 'brilliant' male leads in the post-House era do. So, there's room for improvement.

Rizzoli and Isles 1x10

The whole great twist was... well, I probably watch too many procedurals but seriously, I called it the moment the guy showed up at the scene.

Cliffhanger made me eyeroll more than hold my breath and the slow-mo was too much. I do enjoy the thing Rizzoli did, however, because it takes some serious guts (aweful pun and not intended). And Maura remains fantastic and adorable.

And Bass makes a come back! I love his giant rocky shell. Hello, Bass.

Vampire Diaries 2x02

It's slightly less awesome than the premiere, but it would have been hard to beat.

CAROLINE. Caroline fucking Forbes, kicking ass and taking names and controlling her vampire goth make-up and wanting her best friends and Matt and JUST.

Bonnie is gonna spin out of control at some point, and it's going to be glorious. She's unreasonable in her anger, and in her blaming Damon, and I want that to come bite them all in the ass. Still, I love that maybe she doesn't have a whole lot of spells under her control but what she has? ROCKS. And will fuck you up.

Elena is adorable. I usually have no patience with people whining about wanting a normal life in the midst of all the supernatural bullshit around them: it's there and it's there to stay, but I love how she wants little things, moments. And then the supernatural comes back to fuck with her and she steps in and does what needs to be done and stops Bonnie because it's not them, and cares for Caroline and all.

I loved Stefan here, seriously. The moment with Elena, the way he's with Caroline... Good stuff. Damon is brilliant, too, his moment with Jeremy was fantastic and the way he just mocks everyone who waits for him to go off the deep end... good.

Where are Jenna and Alaric, for chrissakes? I chope that at least they're off somewhere having hot sex. It's the only explanation that would mollify me.

In conclusion: good week. Next one will be seriously crazy, all the shows seem to be back. Monday alone fills me with dread :D
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