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Yeah, this is my life.

Yes, he's that tall. Yes, he's that gorgeous in person. Yes, he is absolutely freakin' adorable.

Last week I got informed that Alexander was going to be in Poland (thank you, pellamerethiel and idrilka. So, ya know, don't defriend me, it's your fault :D) and I googled it and found out that the HBO Polska site was running a review contest in which you could win tickets to the showing of the first two eps of the third season of True Blood. And for ten lucky people, a very small meeting with Alexander. The contest was fucking frantic and crazy, but hey, I WON, so that's what counts. (Also, slept little, reviewed lots of shit. As you do.)

There was half an hour meeting with Alexander to which 13 people were invited - ten winners and three girls from one of the largest TB websites. We had a chance to ask a few questions, take photos, and get autographs.

Alexander arrived, asked how we were (nervous as all fuck) and what was the contest for (reviews, clearly) and what exactly did we win (girl next to me: "A night with you" Alexander: "Like a date?")

And seriously, he came to Poland after a mad route of Hawaii-LA-England, jet lagged and after getting stuck in Warsaw traffic for a while, and he was absolutely charming and utterly patient with us and our malfunctioning phones and our spazzing and our attempts at sounding coherent. I have been to a couple of dozen different signings (mostly authors and some polish actors/musicians) and I have never seen someone be so patient about everything and so nice about it. Seriously, if I wasn't a fan before, I would have been utterly charmed now.

We asked about Battleship (he's been shooting in Hawaii, but we knew that), the 4th season of True Blood (begins shooting in two months or so, but we knew that ;)), what's the deal with the different script colours (one for every revision), how many revisions there are to a script before an episode is shot (a lot), do they get to improvise and adlib on TB (yes, and yes), did he really sing that bit of weird Swedish disco (yes), is he going to the Octoberfest (yes, next weekend, German peeps ;)).

Mostly Meg and me did the asking. I was sitting in the front row, about a meter and a half from Alexander. And when he answers your question he's looking straight at you, and seriously, I'm surprised I was even remotely coherent (and I WAS, full sentences and all).

It wasn't a long meeting by any means, a few questions and that was all, but we did get to do the signing and photos thing. And seriously, this was the part where he was the most awesome.

First, the girls from the website (ETA: I checked it, check it out) gave him a poster to sign (signed by some other True Blood people already, I think), and gave him a gift: a book on Poland, a t-shirt with "Please don't ask me to bite you" on it, and Polish vodka, żubrówka. And the novelty bottle is dressed up in a little anorak with a fur collar, and Alex went all "is it an animal" *hilarious incredulous expression*.
Girls: "No, it's a Polish vodka."
Alexander: "God, I thought it was roadkill."

I was second in line to sign things and take photos, and when I gave him the Generation Kill dvd to sign and asked if he didn't mind, even though it was a True Blood event he SMILED at me so awesomely, ya know, full blown grin and all, like he was DELIGHTED. Asked if I liked it, and I said YEAH, to the point of wanting to write my MA thesis on it, and he went "That's so awesome." And then he signed it, over PJ's face ;)

And then we had an issue with pens. Because none of the pens prepared by the organisers were working, and none of our pens wanted to work, and I have a promo card with Eric signed THREE TIMES (on the same card) because Alex wasn't sure the pens would stay on.

And I didn't want to be a bother and ask him to sign more stuff, especially since we started late and there were people waiting and then there was the episodes showing and all, so I was just going to leave it at that, and then Alexander looks at the poster I'm holding and asks if I want that signed too. I mean, SERIOUSLY.

And then I had my photo taken with him, and after I walked away, I got my cellphone back and the picture was all blurry. And I was like ;_____; And Alex was like: sure, take another one. And I was like *__________________*.

So, people took photos and autographs, and I was taking a lot of those photographs for people and all cameras were malfunctioning for me. And I complained that apparently machines hate me, or something, and Alex laughed at me, but in a nice way. As in: "try again, I'll just keep smiling".


And then we said goodbye, and as I thanked him for his patience, he said it was not a problem at all, and a pleasure.

(Seriously, expect a lot of Nate Fick POV in the next few fics because I need to get out all my love for Alexander's eyes and his fucking smile out. Because seriously, when he smiles at you? WORLD STOPS. IDEK, I don't fancy real people.

Wait, that came out wrong.)

So, episodes showing next. We (the girls from the meeting) were sitting in the front row, and right before the showing Alexander did a quick interview, sitting under the screen, with the whole thing being shown on the cinema screen. And the interview was kind of awful, as in: the interviewer and the interpreter were GODDAMN AWFUL, but Alex was adorable. The first time the translator was talking, he listened to the Polish version and went "woah, that took a loooong while". And then he kept looking around, because he wasn't sure where the interpreter was sitting (first row, on the other end than we were) and he noticed us, and he smiled at us and fucking WAVED, all wide grin and "hey guys".

And well, then he disappeared before the showing and we watched the eps and couldn't fast forward the boring parts (ie: not Eric, Pam, or Jessica), and I hear there was an after party for the VIPs somewhere he went to, but well.

Anyways. In conclusion: ALEXANDER SKARSGARD IS MADE OF AWESOME. AND RAINBOWS AND SMILES AND ALL. He smells nice. I'm not at all creepy except when I am.

Noelia is all *________________*, Alexander can't even, because the damn pen is not working.

Noelia cares about the important stuff. As in, watching Alexander's ass. WHAT.

This one was blurry. But woah, is he tall. I mean, I am 6' tall, and I had to look UP.

This one again, because he TOOK OFF HIS JACKET for my second less-blurry picture. YEAH.

He's signing for Meg, who is awesome and who was the one to tell him we all won a night with him. We're not creepy at all.

Alexander is writing on PJ's face. Noelia looks on. Pen doesn't want to work.

Noelia looks pregnant. Also, like her own mother. Alexander looks AWESOME.

Different take from the first blurry picture, taken by one of the girls. Noelia does look cute here. So does Alexander. And WE MATCH IN COLOURS, OKAY? (Noelia has a crab hand. Alexander has REALLY NICE HANDS. I AM STILL NOT CREEPY).

In conclusion: *___________________________________*

Found one more, courtesy of
(They have more pics from the thing there, but this one is with me, so it goes here. Noelia still scarily resembles her own mother. Alexander is WAY TOO PRETTY, OKAY?


courtesy of

I can't get over my own expression here. SERIOUSLY, LOOK AT MY EYES. THOSE ARE CRAZY EYES.

And this one I LOVE. LOVE LOVE LOVE.
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