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otp meme

Gakked from phendog, mostly because I'm a sheep. Also, because I need to get my mind off the news. I hate April the 1st. And the 2nd isn't going better.

01. Post a list of your favourite fandoms on your blog.
02. Have your friends list guess which is your favourite 'ships from each fandom. (one het, one m/m, and one f/f unless otherwise specified)
03. When someone guesses correctly bold the line and write a sentence why you love the ship and it's your favourite.
04. Post this in your own blog/livejournal.

1. BtVS (het, m/m, f/f)
Het: Buffy/Giles, guessed by phendog. Definitely an otp above all otp's. I've written so much about my love to it so far... *g*
M/M: Giles/Wes, guessed by phendog. British, sexy, smart, with glasses. You can't go wrong with that... Oh, and all blame for getting me into this ship should be set on lostgirlslair and her 'Warmth' and 'Heat'. *g*
F/F: Buffy/Willow, guessed by phendog *L*. I don't really like femslash. But I do admit they are cute when well written *g*

2. AtS (het, m/m, f/f)
Het: Fred/Wesley guessed by phendog, of course. I love Fresley. It should be easy to guess that I have a slight obsession with Amy Acker *L*, and come on, they are awfully cute when they're both in the dork!mode. Plus... s5. Three years of tension, and Wes mooning over her, and angst, and drama, and they finally get together... Wham, Bam, she's dead. Darn, they should at least had sex earlier.
M/M: Angel/Wesley unsurprisingly guessed by phendog. I'm not exactly a shipper... But they do look hot. *L*
F/F: Fred/Lilah. Guessed by wisdomeagle. So sue me, I think this would be hot. And even hotter would be a threesome with Wes.

3. Lost (het, m/m, f/f)

4. Firefly (het, m/m, f/f)
F/F: Kaylee/Inara, guessd by wisdomeagle. They are both so cute and pretty. Especially together.
Het: Kaylee/Simon. Guessed by wisdomeagle. I think they are cute. And I'm a sucker for geek!love. Oh, just a second is Kaylee/Mal, though. And Kaylee/Jayne. I think my lovely Kaylee is quite a slut. Almost like my Wesley. Oh, well.
M/N: Jayne/Mal, guessed by wisdomeagle. They are not only hot... they are hillarious to boot. *g*

5. Stargate SG-1 (het, m/m, f/f)
F/F: Sam/Janet, guessed by wisdomeagle - duh. Who else?
M/M: Jack/Daniel, guessed by wisdomeagle. Teh hotness.
Het: Daniel/Janet, guessed by wisdomeagle. Come on, even Michael and Theryl said it's a canon! Plus, geek!love

6. LotR (het, m/m)
Het: Eowyn/Faramir, guessed by wisdomeagle. I loved them in the books. So sweet. And they do look nice in a movie.
M/M: Aragorn/Boromir, guessed by wisdomeagle . My two fav characters from the book. And you gotta admit, the subtext was there in a movie. A lot of it... It became text somewhere at the end of FotR. Plus, Viggo and Sean Bean? You can't go wrong with that.
7. HP (het, m/m)
Het: Ron/Hermione, guessed by phendog. I know, I know. I ship canon. Drat. But they *are* awfully cute, and I totally adore them both.
M/M: Snape/Lupin, guessed by wisdomeagle. I like them *L*

9. Star Wars (het, m/m, f/f)

10. Discworld (het, m/m)

11. QaF (m/m, het)

That's all, I think... come on, try to guess *g* I'm quite easy.

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