Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

i aten't dead

1. Exams session. I am done with my final essays (all 11 of them), almost done with presentations (two left, for next week, for anthropology and transatlantic security) and am starting my finals (all 11 of them) tomorrow. In between considering shooting myself I'm kind of having fun. I KNOW.

2. Work. I'm going to be taking a break next year, for a year. I need it, I think, to have the last year of actual studying be, well, all about studying. And maybe preparing for PhD, which means getting published etc.

3. Fandom. Working on too many fics to count, slowly edging towards finishing some. War Big Bang coming up soon, so this is fun.

4. Social life. IDEK. Still emotionally retarded when it comes to relationships (or, ya know, inviting someone for coffee. HOW DO YOU EVEN DO THAT?). Friends are the coolest, though, and I've greatly enjoyed my birthday party. ♥

5. Speaking of, birthdays. Thanks everyone for all the wishes (and some virtual gifts and cards, I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH). So, 26, eh? Closer to thirty than twenty, idek.

6. I've taken up jogging. I'm undecided what I think of it, on one hand, kinda feels good, on the other, gosh, physical exercise. I'm a devout couch potato, what is this shit. (Also, if anyone has good work-out/running music? My playlists are full of showtunes and stuff like Sarah McLachlan or Tori Amos, who are wonderful but not exactly helpful for the running times.)

7. In conclusion. I aten't dead yet. Though it's a close thing.
Tags: lists, noelia is awesome, noelia loves her studies, noelia needs a life, noelia needs help, noelia needs to get out more, random insanity

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